Started by Bill MacKenzie as a way to share photos and stories from his local automotive community, with help from his friends and fellow enthusiasts officialTHREETWENTY aims to help shed further light on the events and projects taking place within the city of Calgary and surrounding areas.

Content includes coverage of shows and meets, installs and updates on various local project cars, information regarding the Calgary automotive community, and more.

officialTHREETWENTY also serves as a resource for Mk3 Focus and Mk7 Fiesta owners through the sharing of installs, reviews, and new product announcements for the platforms, along with general updates on a fleet of cars – Mustard, Selsun, Sriracha, Dijon, Arabis, Pepper, and more.

Bill MacKenzie:

Bill stays very active in the Calgary car community as well as beyond, and is the main writer/photographer for officialTHREETWENTY. A member of the Calgary Thunderbird and Alberta Iron Indians Pontiac clubs, over the years he has also been a contributor for fifteen52’s Project ST campaign, on the administration team of the University of Calgary Car Club (UCCC), and was a writer and photographer for Alberta Rides magazine.

Our Cars:

Please click the links (where provided) for each car’s own page, providing further details on the project.

Mustard Flare Install 20

MUSTARD – Bill’s 2012 Focus ST4

iMSS 2022 4

STRAWBERRY – Bill’s 2000 Silvia Spec S

iMSS 2022 2

BAO – Mario’s 2021 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor

SELSUN – Keith’s 2017 Focus RS

iMSS 2019 12

SRIRACHA – Derrick’s 2016 Fiesta ST (RETIRED)

iMSS 2022 1

PEPPER – Ruzz’s 2017 Focus RS

Dijon – Sue’s 2012 Focus Titanium

Arabis – Bill’s 2015 Focus SE

iMSS 2018 204

MAYO Brandon’s 2013 Focus ST

Sunday School 2016 3

TABASCO – José’s 2012 Focus ST4 (RETIRED)

Marios Tarmacs 17

KETCHUP – Mario’s 2013 Focus ST (RETIRED)

iMSS 2018 1


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