iMSS 2022 4S15 repaint 84S15 fixes 24

2000 Silvia Spec S Aero

With the ST4 fairly well sorted, Bill picked up the S15 as a new project to restore and modify, and importantly to also cross an item off of his bucket list: purchase his dream car.


Full respray in Porsche Chalk; Aero Workz front lip; OEM optional rear spats; brand new OEM smoked chrome emblems, window visors, and wiper cowl; mirror bases painted gloss black; full front and lip kit wrapped in PPF; yellow Lamin-X fog lights; original lights restored; various bulbs replaced with LEDs; Aerowolf mirror visors


Nightrunner x Works Bell quick release; Next! Miracle X-Bar and Upper Bar; custom rear seat delete with damper access panels and acrylic window for illuminated display case; aftermarket steering wheel; colour-matched (Chalk) center console trim; brand new OEM center console; various bulbs replaced with LEDs; Yashio Factory shift knob; various clips replaced with brand new OEM; Option B seats and door panels; burnt titanium hardware


Blitz intake; Fujitsubo exhaust


BC Racing coilovers; Cusco carbon fiber front strut bar, rear strut bar; Parts Shop Max front calipers; ISR braided brake lines; OEM Spec R lower B-pillar braces


17″ Super Advan V2s/17″ Work Meister S1 (Two piece); Muteki lug nuts; fifteen52 valve stem caps