ST side skirts

I know this is pretty soon after my last update, but I’m going ahead and posting this to get the blog caught up.

One area I wanted to address for 2013 was the exterior. The front end has received a lot of attention but the rest was lacking in comparison. I knew I needed to balance it out so I decided I’d finish off the lip kit by fitting some new side skirts and eventually, a new rear valence.

For side skirts I opted to order from the Ford catalogue and picked up OEM Focus ST parts. The sedan is the only body style for which the ST trim is not offered, so it would help make the Focus more unique. Additionally, at this time no one has seen this swap done before. Fortunately the hatch and sedan share many parts so all I had to do was get the part numbers for hatchback side skirts.

OEM ST side skirt pair

Derrick stopped by my house one morning and together we removed one of the factory skirts to test an ST skirt. Two clips have to be changed on each side but otherwise it’s a direct swap.

ST side skirt test fit

With the fitment confirmed (I was 99.9% sure they’d fit a sedan when I ordered) they have now been dropped off for paint. Hopefully soon I can get them back so that the paint may cure before I wrap them in 3M. Before they go on though, I also will have to order new front mud flaps to fit the more pronounced profile.



    • Dealership, junkyard, or partouts; they’re not that expensive so I’d recommend just going to your nearest dealer and grabbing a set there. Way easier too!

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