Organizer 3

The third post in two days! This afternoon a sizable box that I was waiting for finally made it into my hands. Some months back I had won a gift card in an Instagram contest of all things, good for a network of dealerships here in Canada. I had already used some of it to get a Mazdaspeed rear motor mount for the Focus (a bolt-in upgrade) but still had more to use up. After browsing the Ford accessories website I settled on ordering this next; a trunk organizer.


The whole piece folds flat for convenience and then pops back up when you need to use it. Two dividers use velcro straps to stay in place and the whole thing looks really well made. Sure, I could have applied the card towards more modifications, but this is something I knew I could use. It was essentially free to me so why not?

Organizer 5

Close up of one of the straps.

Organizer 4

Here it is unfolded. It includes little straps and hooks too, to tie it down. Now when I pick up groceries or other small items they won’t fly all over the trunk as I drive.

Organizer 2

The part number, for anyone interested. Even after this and the motor mount, I still have a little bit left on the card. I guess I had better find something else to order now!


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