The Supra works.

I’ll admit that the frequency of posts this past while is higher than I plan to keep in the long run, but it seems that there has been a decent amount of things to blog about as of late; with meets starting, car club planning, organizing parts for the Focus, and receiving the XMODS almost every day there’s something going on.

Supra XMOD 2

Speaking of, news on the free-to-me Supra XMOD: it works! When I first got it it wasn’t even receiving the signal from the remote. I removed all of the electronics from the chassis, and while they were out I then put in a set of batteries again to start testing them. Without changing anything, they were receiving the signals and working perfectly! I promptly put everything back together, reinstalled the body, and the Supra was ready to run again. A free fix for a free car, I’m liking this trend.

With my other red Supra sporting the full Bomex body kit and a tall wing, I decided to update the almost-identical body of this one. The front bumper and hood are the only ‘aftermarket’ parts, as the side skirts, rear bumper, and wing are back to stock. To finish it off I then swapped the original wheels for a spare set I had sitting around, from my 350Z.

Supra with new wheels.

Frankly it seems a little odd to be talking about and sharing pictures of newly swapped-on parts on an RC car, but it is an easier and less expensive alternative to doing so on the real cars. A full body kit set for these cost less (when you could buy them) than the hardware I bought just to install the Focus’ front lip.

With that done, time to enjoy them! I do already have a wishlist saved on Atomicmods though…


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