meet – March 20th

This past week’s Beyond meet fell on the first day of spring, and we were able to enjoy the light and (relative) warmth that came with it. It’s finally starting to look like summer is coming!

That being, said there are still lots of winter vehicles roaming the streets because as Mother Nature proved the very next day, snow is never far away.

Beyond March 20 Jackie

Jackie has one-upped our winter cars with this 4-Runner. This is what you want for Calgary.

Beyond March 20 Scoobaru

UCCC member Taylor brought his WRX wagon on its newly-powdercoated wheels.

Beyond March 20 Kanji Integra

Last week it was on Civic Si wheels, and this time Kanji’s Integra was on some from an S2000.

Beyond March 20 Aldo S2K

Speaking of S2000s, Aldo couldn’t wait for summer and showed us his new project. The white Volks look great.

Beyond March 20 Fit

Guy’s Fit was back, looking clean as always.

Beyond March 20 ST 4 plate edit

You didn’t think I wouldn’t include a picture of the ST, now did you? Note the newly-wrapped roof.

Beyond March 20 Chaser

As a final picture, this was the surprise of the night for me. A Toyota Chaser! This was the first time I had seen one in person. Nice!



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