meet – April 17th

Despite concerns about potential poor weather, this week’s meet went fairly well. We unfortunately had some individuals feel the need to ‘show off’, so I’m sure we’ll owe security an apology next week. Please don’t act silly folks, Chinook is nice enough to let us meet here but they can revoke those privileges if they need to.

Anyway, let’s move on to the photos. Here’s a selection from the 17th:

Beyond April 17 Alyssas Focus

Beyond April 17 Alyssas Focus 2

Alyssa’s Focus Titanium. I’m glad to see more Foci showing up.

Beyond April 17 Camaros 2

Beyond April 17 Camaros

There was a fair number of domestics this week. Camaros obviously were more popular than Foci.

Beyond April 17 Yellow Camaro

I’m biased towards yellow cars of course, so I had another shot of this SS.

Beyond April 17 240SX

This is what it’s all about – just having a good time.

Beyond April 17 1 series

Representing BMW (along with a couple of E36s) was this 1-series.

Beyond April 17 Subaru and 240

Red and white always looks good.

Beyond April 17 Lexus

A tasteful GS.

Beyond April 17 WRX

Aldrich’s WRX, after another wheel swap.

Beyond April 17 WRX and S2000

Finally, Aldo’s S2K; which now sports a personalized plate.

That’s all I have for this week as I left early again. The turnouts have been really good lately so be sure to come on out! It also seems like a wider range of makes and models is occurring which is cool to see.


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