Tiggy’s new look

This morning the rear reflectors were re-tinted and put back in place, wrapping up the back end of the Focus (for now). One of the first things I did to the Focus back in 2011 was to darken them with some vinyl, to help them blend in with the rear valance. With them removed for the swap, I had better access for trimming around the edges and decided to refresh them with new material.

I thought I’d grab a few quick shots to show the full exterior now that the updates are done for the new season. Please ignore the winter wheels. The summer shoes are waiting to go back on.

Tiggy April 21 5

The front end is as it was at the end of 2012, nothing new here.

Tiggy April 21 1

People have asked if the lip will be painted as well, but it won’t be. I like carbon fiber too much.

Tiggy April 21 2

Really, the list of parts is small but the change is drastic. Getting rid of the black plastic trim was the big change.

Tiggy April 21 3

The next step is to put away the stock wheels and fill those arches a little better.


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