A look at: Alex’s 2013 FR-S

At the most recent Beyond meet I was finally able to see Alex’s new 2013 FR-S in person. Congrats again on the new car Alex!

There still aren’t too many of these around in Calgary (at least from what I’ve seen) but they certainly are doing well overall. Who would have thought an affordable, rear-wheel drive sports car would be so popular? I still can’t decide which I prefer; the FR-S or BRZ. Regardless, both look great and there’s already an abundance of parts which is awesome.

iM Beyond June 5 1

Back to Alex’s, being so new obviously it’s mostly stock but it does have a few parts fitted already. At first glance you can spot the Five Axis lip kit running around the bottom of the car.

Alex FRS 1

The front lip is probably the most prominent part of the kit and adds some aggression to the nose.

Alex FRS 2

The shade of paint, if you were wondering, is called Firestorm and it seems very appropriate for the sports coupe.

iM Beyond June 5 2

Out back there’s the Five Axis spoiler, which fits the car oh-so perfectly. A TRD exhaust hides underneath and peeks out from the rear valance. I hear (no pun intended) it’s quite audible inside.

Alex FRS 3

It’s not shown here, but inside there’s carbon fiber trim aplenty which is probably my favourite modification.

I only took a few photos of it while at the meet, but I am looking forward to a chance for a proper shoot, and to see what else Alex has planned. With Calgary’s short summer season here, it’s time to fully enjoy cars like this!


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