meet – July 30th

July has certainly been a busy month as far as posts are concerned! There has been a lot happening and there is still much to share with you all to bring you up-to-date. With ill.motion’s Sunday School getting ever closer we are looking ahead at the rather sizable to-do list for the coming few weeks and while it seems like there’s plenty of time, there will surely be some late nights and frantic moments as we get closer to the big day.

For tonight I have only a mini-post from this week’s meet at Chinook. With grey skies and a questionable forecast a few people stayed away but we headed over anyway and hung out for a little bit.

Beyond July 30 2014 2

Jacob finally received his wheels after a very long wait, and they look fantastic. Current fitment issues mean the IS had to be raised but that’ll be addressed.

Beyond July 30 2014 3

Punit’s GS was present, as was Jason’s old LS which is now sporting a matte black finish.

Beyond July 30 2014 4

It’s always nice to see an EVO, and the gold/grey combo works well. Lurking in the background is Guy’s Fit, which we recently worked on – I hope to get a mini post up soon about that. Also lurking is Kyle’s Integra, which he insists I must buy from him to satisfy my desire for a DC2. We’ll see…

Beyond July 30 2014 5

I don’t know who owns this wagon but I had to get a shot of it. Clean, low, and RHD. Thumbs up!

Beyond July 30 2014 6

Another vehicle which I hope to post about soon is Kanji’s BRZ, which has been fitted with coilovers since it was last seen here. It even won best Toyota (yes, Toyota) at a recent Toyota/Subaru meet (best Subaru went to an STi I believe). Congrats to Kanji! With just a few changes so far the BRZ is looking good and turning heads.

Anyway, I didn’t take many photos last night as we were all itching to get to racing…

Beyond July 30 2014 1

…the R/C cars! This was the first run of the year for some of us and it was fun to get them going again. I charged the E10 and had it sliding around for a bit, but battery issues and a handful of broken parts following a run in with someone else (you know who you are – haha) put an end to my night earlier than I had planned. With the car now fixed and a new battery purchased to replace the old one, I’ll be back next time to brush up on my drifting some more!

Next up: the start of Sunday School preparations.


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