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I’ll say it again – Sunday School 2014 was a blast! As much as I dislike seeing the fall and winter months getting closer, the latter half of the season has some great events which I always look forward to. The weekend after Sunday School was the Calgary Thunderbird Club’s annual show which I was a part of, and when September arrives we get to head back to Quarry Park for their annual show and shine. Despite the mornings getting colder and days getting shorter, there is still much to look forward to!

Before we get ahead of ourselves though, first up we will be bringing you our coverage from Sunday School. Along with what will be shared here I also have a few photos heading over to ill.motion to help them with their coverage, so be sure to check out for those and more photos from a few guest photographers. Our own coverage will be starting tomorrow, so be sure to come back for that! For today though, there is something that we would like to now share before we begin with the show. We hadn’t been sure when we would be able to announce this but now we are able to.

Back at the start of July Mario and I had Jason ( shoot our cars, but we didn’t say what for. He shoots a number of vehicles each year for his blog and while these photos would eventually find their way there (and did – he posted them on Monday), they were in fact meant for something else. Print!


That’s right, we can now (very happily) announce that Mustard and Ketchup earned a feature in a magazine! Specifically, it’s the September 2014 issue of Performance Ford, a magazine based out of the UK. We had been in contact with them during the summer and had been working fast in the hopes that we wouldn’t have to wait too long to see the feature go to print. Until it did we also didn’t want to let anyone know and the photos couldn’t be posted, but with the issue now out we’re able to.


Following the shoot Jason had sent me one photo but politely refused to share any others. He wanted them to be a surprise for us and even though I asked him to please show just a little more, it wasn’t until the new issue came out that we got to see the rest of the photos; we were blown away. Incidentally, if you’re wondering how we got a copy of a UK mag so fast, we didn’t. Not a paper copy anyway. The digital version is available now on Newsstand for about $2 but the actual magazines won’t arrive here for another month or two.


When I bought the Focus around three years ago I never would have thought that someday I’d see it in a magazine, especially after only playing around with it for a relatively short amount of time. I’m sure it’ll be even more surreal once the paper version arrives and I can walk into a bookstore and see the issue on the shelf. The fact that it was a dual feature with Mario’s ST makes it even better.


Jason and JC have heard me thank them multiple times already but I’ll say it again – you guys rock and the photos are stunning! We couldn’t have done this without you. If you’d like to see the rest of Jason’s photos and read his thoughts on the cars and shoot, head over to Just check out the rolling shots of our cars – beautiful.


We also have to extend thanks to everyone that has helped with the builds. Some may have seen the MacKenCo Garage decal that my car sports, but it’s not for some local shop. That’s what we call my garage (where a lot of the work happens) and it represents our tight-knit group of friends that help each other with installs, attend shows and events together, and generally make up one big family. Cars are a blast, but projects come and go. It’s the people you meet and friends you make along the way that stay. Thank you everyone!

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