Lazy Sunday with the Gang

Recently it was my birthday and a few of us used that as an excuse to meet up and go for a cruise. While it wasn’t actually the day, we opted for last Sunday since we were all free and therefore could spend the day doing whatever we wanted. I had my camera naturally but wasn’t planning on documenting everything. Rather, I just wanted to grab a few shots along the way.

To start, I met up with Jacob, Dave, Pauline, Mario, and Brenda at the auto mall. Even though it was closed we could still admire some of the vehicles on hand and it gave us a chance to make a decision on where to go. The group liked my suggestion so we decided to head to Black Diamond. There was a certain diner I knew of there that I was interested in trying out – Marv’s Classic Soda Shop. We hopped in the Foci and Jacob’s IS and hit the road.

Black Diamond 1

The drive there was smooth and the weather was perfect for it. Black Diamond isn’t exactly a big place so it wasn’t hard to find Marv’s and we were able to park just a few stores down from it.

We found some seats at the counter and placed our orders. I wound up getting a ‘Bopper Whopper’ (Mario had the same – this is his in the photo) and a Banana milkshake. Just looking at this is making me want to go back now.

Black Diamond 2

Following our snack we spent some time exploring the Treasure Shop as it’s called, checking out all of the odds and ends on hand. Hmm – pretty sure we’re all Rednecks according to this. I didn’t think they’d appreciate me photographing their merchandise in the store but I had to get a shot of this calendar page.

Black Diamond 3

This kept us entertained for a while, with all of the items displayed both inside and outside.

Black Diamond 4

While the others were still checking out the store’s wares, I wanted to take the chance to get a daytime shot of the Focus on the new-to-me 57DRs. As mentioned in the last post they are narrower than the Tarmacs, but their lower offset means they sit only a handful of millimeters further in. So far the feedback has been great, I guess people really like these wheels!

I stopped taking photos for the rest of the afternoon (I didn’t think you’d really care to see photos of us shopping) but we had a good time. Even though Black Diamond (and Okotoks, where we went after) aren’t far from Calgary it made for a nice escape from the city and was a good reason to take the cars out and stretch their legs (uh, wheels?) for an afternoon.

Thanks for coming along everyone! We should do that again.


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  • I must admit… the new wheels make ur car look meaner… however… i am in the crowd for one of the ones that miss ur whites… it was sort of ur signature imho

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