I like the 57DRs, but…

In the First World Problem (Solving) post I mentioned that I started wishing the Rays were a different colour. Having the Tarmacs back on has confirmed in my mind that the Focus looks substantially better with white wheels. They go with the car’s colour scheme and really grab people’s attention without relying on a bright colour to do so.

57DRs 2

With that in mind I plan to look into getting the 57DRs painted over the winter in time for the 2015 season. I have a couple of alternatives in mind but currently gloss white is in the lead. Their current Gun Blue shade is certainly nice and having seen it on other yellow Foci it does work well, but it just doesn’t really fit in with the sedan’s yellow/white/blue scheme. I feel consistency is important when modifying cars and especially pieces as large and prominent as wheels should tie in to the rest of the vehicle.

57DRs 1

Additionally, the current red Gram Lights decals do match the car’s SE decals but not much else. A set of the blue Gram Lights decals (or even having none at all) would help further with making them match the car. Details are important.

And speaking of details, yes there is a zip-tie on the end of the cup spoiler. That bolt fell out so I need to replace it.

57DRs 3

While winter does have a lot of downsides when it comes to the car hobby, I do enjoy spending the colder months planning for the coming year and changing things up in preparation for the return of our meets and shows. So what do you think? Should I carry on with the white wheel theme or try something else?


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