Strictly Come Stancing – Performance Ford Feature

As announced a few months ago, Ketchup and Mustard (Mario’s ST and my SE) landed a feature in the magazine Performance Ford. This was an amazing opportunity and we were incredibly honoured and excited about getting the chance to see our cars in print.

The digital issue was available back in August and the print copies landed in stores here the following month. There was an problem though – being a UK magazine, not many issues find there way over here each month. Naturally all of our friends wanted a copy, as did we of course, and we wanted to hand some out to those who helped with the cars. Jason and JC were also on the list since they took care of the photos for us (once again, thank you guys!).

PF Magazines 1

After scouring stores here and realizing that we wouldn’t be able to acquire enough magazines to meet our demands, I placed an order with Performance Ford directly. Recently the order arrived and we now have….

PF Magazines 2

…more than enough. Better to have too many than too few.

PF Magazines 4

The feature itself starts on page 33 and reading though it for the first time was quite exciting. Until the digital issue was released we had only seen one photo from the shoot and had no idea as to what had been written, so we didn’t know what to expect.

PF Magazines 3

The dual feature fills 6 pages and sheds light on both cars with a number of photos and individual spec sheets. It was amusing to see their write-up about a pair of stanced cars as they’re reportedly quite different to the builds over there (according to what they wrote) and they recognize that not all of the readers may ‘get it’. They were really interested in getting the chance to feature cars from so far away, built in a different style than what they are used to though.

I won’t share any more of the article as Mario and I are both strong supporters of print, so that’s all I’m going to show here today. If you want to read the rest of the feature, it’s available on Newsstand, and paper copies can be ordered from the publisher. Support print!

And now, we have some magazines to deliver…



  • I live in Ohio down in the States. It was nice to be notified about the article in Performance Ford. I bought the digital version of the October issue and enjoyed the read. I have a 2014 silver Ti sedan. I’m slowly doing cosmetic mods in the engine bay. I’ll post pics before long. It’s a
    shame that their are so few aftermarket parts available in the states. I used to own a 2004 GLI 1.8T which was a lot of fun. VW parts are plentiful. I think Ford dropped the ball when they didn’t give aftermarket companies a chance to develop parts for the MK3 Focus before it hit the showrooms.

    Pete Rodgers

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