Grey Eagle – August 19th

It’s been a while since some Grey Eagle photos were seen on the site – almost a month, in fact. Some readers may remember that there weren’t GE meets on August 5th or 12th due to the lot being required for events at the casino, so the 19th was the first gathering in 3 weeks. It also happened to be the second last official GE meet of the season, so lots of cars packed the lot to take part in it. As always it was a good mix of new and old, and we had fun checking everything out.

Despite the official meets being over we still intend to go on Wednesdays and hang out as many others do, so it’s still a great place to go to have some fun mid-week. A handful of us were there last night in fact despite it being surprisingly cool outside.

GE August 19 2015 1

Anyway, heading back to August 19th now…

GE August 19 2015 2

A number of Calgary Thunderbird Club members had arranged to bring out their birds and park together. The following weekend was the club’s annual show and shine so this was an opportunity to see some of the cars all cleaned up, before the big day.

GE August 19 2015 3

GE August 19 2015 4

It seemed a number of clubs/groups had the same idea and arranged to meet at the casino. Right next to the gathering of Thunderbirds, a handful of Model Ts were arriving.

GE August 19 2015 5

GE August 19 2015 6

One thing’s for sure – there was a lot of variety in the Model T group!

GE August 19 2015 7

With this example, much of what would normally be considered the ‘inner workings’ of an engine were right out in the open and being able to see everything in motion when the car was running was probably one of the main draws. It certainly made me want to take a closer look.

GE August 19 2015 8

Meanwhile, Root Bear looked on from inside my mother’s Thunderbird.

GE August 19 2015 9

GE August 19 2015 10

I had seen this mint R32 before – some may remember it from older coverage – but this time it was on new wheels. There are a couple more shots below, taken when I made another round with Dominic later on.

GE August 19 2015 11

Off to the side, people were lining up for the burgers and pop offered.

GE August 19 2015 12

GE August 19 2015 13

GE August 19 2015 14

Yolanda had her dog Penny and I was able to grab a few photos despite her best attempts to not hold still for any of them. Haha

GE August 19 2015 15

GE August 19 2015 16

GE August 19 2015 17

GE August 19 2015 18

Chopped! When Dominic stopped by with his sedan I joined him as he went off to check out the cars. So many were coming and going that I figured it was time for another lap of the venue to see what else had arrived.

GE August 19 2015 19

We made our way around and stopped by the mint R32 again…

GE August 19 2015 20

…which is when I noticed the matching air freshener (I assume) hanging from the mirror. Pretty cool detail!

GE August 19 2015 22

Down at the East end there were some pretty serious cars, like this Camaro drag car which happened to be next to a road-going version.

GE August 19 2015 21

I believe the car we spent the most time looking at was this one. We were quite impressed by the under-hood setup.

GE August 19 2015 23

Would you like a little bit of Mustang with your engine? Even though the turbos were each the size of a small planet, what really caught our attention was just how neat and tidy the whole package was.

GE August 19 2015 24

GE August 19 2015 25

Scott’s Evo X had just been made substantially louder with a new exhaust system, so when a spot near us opened up and he decided to move it over, I went along for the brief ride to hear it for myself. It was ridiculous – in a good way, in my opinion – but has since been muted a little bit with a new muffler.

GE August 19 2015 26

GE August 19 2015 27

GE August 19 2015 28

Naturally I stopped for a photo of the Silvias. In the background is the immediately-recognizable Consulier along with the LS-swapped S13.

GE August 19 2015 29

It was great to see this one again. Dominic and I saw it last at a Barlow meet when it was pretty late and therefore, dark. This time we could take in the details without having to rely on our phones’ tiny flashlights. Unlike when we first saw it, this time around it had a hood and grille fitted.

That’s all for now, but check back soon for an update on the Focus sedan! The Tarmacs are now off the car as some new wheels arrived and were promptly fitted – and I am VERY happy with them.


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