That New Part Smell

I wish I could say the reason for the lack of activity this week was because I was in Vegas for SEMA, but in reality it had just been a busy few days and I didn’t have time to put a new post together. I wanted to get this live today to not only keep the blog active, but also so I could say thanks to Rebel Devil Customs for sending these new parts!

November parts 1

There were a couple of details I wanted to address on the sedan, and the hatch was due for some light performance upgrades, so after speaking with Mike at RDC an order was put together and recently everything arrived.

November parts 2

First up, in the bags are OEM Focus ST rear reflectors. One of mine got damaged very slightly and while it honestly isn’t too noticeable, I wanted to fix it. That meant having to order a pair but at least I have a spare for the other side! These are inexpensive anyway so I didn’t mind.

November parts 3

Next is a new rear motor mount. The factory piece is known for being too soft in most Mk3s so it’s very common for owners to swap in stiffer replacements. I say most Mk3s because the electric Foci have stiffer mounts from the factory, and the piece you see above is in fact an OEM Focus Electric mount. This is for the hatch – the sedan has had an OEM Speed3 mount for a while – and I’ll be interested in seeing how this compares.

November parts 4

The last pieces you see here today are adjustable front swaybar endlinks, for the sedan. I was set to buy some lightly used ones from another forum member but just missed out on the opportunity, so I turned to Mike and added a new set to the list. I’m not sure yet when I’ll throw these in, but seeing as how I need to swap wheels soon perhaps I’ll tackle these at the same time.

Once the endlinks and engine mount are installed I’ll be able to provide some feedback on them, in addition to a quick review on the other item in the order, which is not seen in the photos above. Along with everything here, a new intake for the hatch was also part of the shipment and it has already been installed. The install went smoothly and the 5-door’s new sound is amazing, but there’s one problem. It seems to be a fair bit louder than the sedan now. That may need to be fixed…


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