The Foci of SEMA 2015

For tonight, I have a little post with a few photos from SEMA 2015. Unfortunately I was not at the show this year (it’s on my bucket list!) but Mike Johnson of Rebel Devil Customs was, and kept teasing…I mean updating Josè and I….with photos from the event. He kindly allowed me to share these shots of some of the Foci on display with you all.

Every year during and after SEMA I eagerly await updates to make their way onto the blogs I follow so that I can pour through the photos to see what’s new, and maybe get some ideas and inspiration along the way. I remember the first SEMA that took place after I had bought my Focus (2011) was particularly exciting because I could, for the first time, see models at the show that were similar to what was in my garage.

Naturally, with the Mk3 Focus having now gone through its midlife facelift, the examples you’ll see from this year’s show are those 2015+ models. I know a lot of ’12 – ’14 owners don’t like the new styling but I think they look pretty good and it’s interesting to see what owners and companies are doing with them. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy this little look at the SEMA cars and for the other Focus owners reading this maybe they’ll provide some ideas and inspiration for you too.

RDC SEMA 2015 1

To start off with, one of the special attractions this year was a new Focus RS – more specifically, the first modified Mk3 RS in the world. Put together by Ford Performance and Ken Block, it was being raffled off to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

RDC SEMA 2015 9

I don’t know what was happening just out of the frame here, but despite the RS being a rather special machine, apparently there was something even cooler just off to the right…haha. Even though I have no intention of making the switch to the RS I still can’t help but daydream about how I’d option and modify one if I did.

RDC SEMA 2015 2

Moving on to the Focus STs now, COBB tuning had this red example complete with a roof rack and apparently, air suspension. This isn’t even the first ’15 that I’ve seen bagged, nor is it the only one in this post.

RDC SEMA 2015 3

Looking beyond the ride height, note the subtle front lip and side splitters, which work well with the other black accents and the tinted lights.

RDC SEMA 2015 4

Next is this bright yellow ST that FSWERKS brought out, sporting some tasteful graphics and some of their performance upgrades, of course.

RDC SEMA 2015 5

I especially like the small grey accents on rear wing. The love-it-or-hate-it 2015 rear valance has definitely grown on me, what do you guys think?

RDC SEMA 2015 6

Rally Innovations’ ST certainly had the wildest exterior. In keeping with the current styling trend (widebody all the things!) it featured add-on flares, along with a rather good-looking vented hood. I doubt many owners would go this wild but it’s awesome to see more parts being thought up and made for the platform.

RDC SEMA 2015 7

The last Focus ST is this one from CJ Pony Parts which really stood out to me. I like them all, but I think this may be my personal favourite Mk3 ST from this year’s show.

RDC SEMA 2015 8

It too is on air suspension, which may upset some but definitely not me! The colour, the stance, the wheels (yes, they’re from fifteen52) all work together really well in my opinion. It too has a front and side splitters, but unlike the others was void of any graphics.

RDC SEMA 2015 10

Now, I know the title says Foci but I had to throw this one in as an extra. This Edge was built by Tjin Edition, whose work I have been following for years, and was definitely one of my favourite vehicles from the show. I have seen a few of these new Edges on the streets here in town and they really are nicely styled. I was hoping to see some modified examples and this one is proof that they respond well to some tweaks.

And that’s it! I hope everyone had a good weekend and I want to thank Mike again for sending these photos my way. From what I’ve seen of SEMA 2015 so far it looks like there were a lot of amazing cars (no real surprise there) and I may or may not already be thinking up some new ideas for 2016 based on what I’ve seen.


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