2015 Calgary Auto Show: Part 3

The third and final part of the Calgary Auto Show coverage! I hope you all have enjoyed taking a look at these photos and perhaps they have some of you looking forward to 2016’s show, which should only be a few months away now!

YYC Auto Show 2015 54

Let’s start things off by going back to Ford again, with this Fiesta ST (FiST) sporting the optional stripe kit.

YYC Auto Show 2015 55

I’ve always been a Lincoln fan and the current MKZ is one of my all-time favourites. I see that it has now been refreshed but I’m not sure if I prefer the new look or not. I’ll have to see one in person to decide, methinks.

YYC Auto Show 2015 56

Not surprisingly Aston Martin had some incredible eye-candy on hand. Like other high-end cars on display at the show they were unfortunately blocked off so this was as close as I could get.

YYC Auto Show 2015 57

I especially liked the use of yellow accents such as the brake calipers and stitching inside, which can just be seen. Even the paddles behind the steering wheel had yellow accents.

YYC Auto Show 2015 58

As I was putting this post together Paul and I got to texting back and forth and I showed him a photo of this Carrera S as a teaser. That got us to talking about the colour and looking back, light blues like this seemed to be the car colour of 2015. Subaru introduced their new light blue shade, the Focus RS has its own, and I saw quite a number of new cars launch in similar shades.

YYC Auto Show 2015 59

But back to the Carrera specifically, I had to include this photo of its price. I’m not looking at the $112,800 base price here but rather the fact that it has nearly $60K in options and extras on top of that! Oh my.

YYC Auto Show 2015 60

No denying it’s a beautiful machine though.

YYC Auto Show 2015 61

Speaking of Subaru and blue – this is not their aforementioned new shade but rather the iconic World Rally Blue, on a new STI.

YYC Auto Show 2015 62

Like Mitsubishi, Subaru also had a cutaway on display, though done a little differently.

YYC Auto Show 2015 63

You know that super-long list of cars to own someday, that car fanatics have? Yeah, a WRB BRZ is on mine.

YYC Auto Show 2015 64

Still on the subject of colours, the shade on this XV Crosstrek was rather attractive. I’m weird like that – I obviously like loud colours on cars but muted greys/beiges/tans also really grab my attention.

YYC Auto Show 2015 65

Enough talk about paint colours now – how about a race…truck? (Because racetruck?)

YYC Auto Show 2015 66

Jaaaaaag F-Type R.

YYC Auto Show 2015 67 YYC Auto Show 2015 68

I can’t say I really pay much attention to Kia’s offerings but they have some pretty sharp-looking cars these days.

YYC Auto Show 2015 69

Up on a rotating stand was their K900 luxury sedan.

YYC Auto Show 2015 70

I know I showed the Rocket Bunny tC in Part 1 but why not again? Scion was next to Kia so I was passing by again anyway.

YYC Auto Show 2015 71 YYC Auto Show 2015 72

Just like the new Edge, the new Murano is an SUV that I find to be quite attractive. I find myself paying more attention to SUVS now…maybe it’s a sign I’m growing up? Haha

YYC Auto Show 2015 77

The Nissan Titan is definitely imposing. Maybe it’s an illusion thanks to this angle, but I can’t help but feel like the nose almost looks too big and bulky for the rest of the truck – like a full-size nose was swapped onto a midsize pickup. Anyone else see this?

YYC Auto Show 2015 75 YYC Auto Show 2015 76

Remember in Part 1 I mentioned that Mazda had “iPads on Segways” roaming around their booth? This is one of them. They would talk to showgoers and I recall this one even being aware I was taking a photo because it commented on that. I imagine there were people behind the scenes speaking for these things. None of us actually interacted with them but I saw other people that day who did so.

YYC Auto Show 2015 73

To wrap up this final part, how about this gorgeous orange 650S?

YYC Auto Show 2015 74

I really hope that someday I get to see a 675LT in person but the 650S is not far behind on my list of favourite supercars.

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend everyone!


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