The Top 5 Posts of 2015

Here we are – 2016!

I hope you all enjoyed the two-part review of 2015! I had a lot of fun putting it together, going back through the photos and stories and remembering all of the fun moments from the year. With those two posts up now, there’s one more to go before we move on and that it what I have for you all now. As promised, today we will take a look at the five most popular posts of 2015. What you’ll see listed below are the posts that received the most views out of everything that went up over the last 12 months.

When I went though the stats and found out what would be on the list, I noticed there was something that a few of these posts had in common – maybe you’ll spot it too. Let’s get started with the countdown!

#5. Grey Eagle – June 10th

GE June 10 2015 2

First on the list this year we have the post covering June 10th’s Grey Eagle meet. This one really surprised me when I looked at the stats further, because of how it compared to the rest of the GE posts. It had received substantially more views than the second-most popular entry, which naturally let me to wonder why.

GE June 10 2015 1

As it happens, this was the meet at which we first encountered the Veilside Fortune RX-7, and so the post contained a number of photos of it. Being such a rare sight at any event, it makes me wonder if it was the reason for the spike? I could be completely wrong and the real reason could be something else entirely, but whatever it is it helped this post make the Top 5 list this year.

#4. The Mk3 Focus Sedan Gets Some Love From Ford: Part 2

Facelift Focus lip kit 3

Coming in at #4 is the oldest post on the list. Back in January we sedan owners found out that there was a new rear valance, from Ford themselves, that could potentially fit ’12-’14 models. At the time all we could do was examine photos and it was presumed that the piece would fit, but of course we wouldn’t know for sure until someone attempted the install.

2015 sedan valance 2

In February Kyle Mcgrew’s sedan received the valance, proving that it would fit. Thanks to him and Mike from Rebel Devil, I was able to share the news here on the site with the photos and notes from the install that they kindly provided. Thank you again guys!

#3. Jose’s Mk3 Focus: One Year Later

Rossy V3 8

Next we have the second feature on Josè’s Race Red Focus sedan. His original feature happened to be the most-viewed post in 2014 and the revisit lands at number 3 this year. It seems Rossy is popular!

Rossy V3 2

After the updates the car had seen over the year, and especially after the full ST body conversion, I felt it was time to take another look at his car and it would seem you guys enjoyed the post. It’s one of the most-recognizable Mk3 sedans out there and while there have been bumps in the road Josè has never given up or stopped working on it.

#2. The Final Piece of the Puzzle – RDC’s ST Sedan Valance

ST sedan valance 2

The runner-up this year is the announcement of Rebel Devil Custom’s ST sedan valance, from March. This was a project that Josè and I were involved with and one that had been asked for for a long time.

ST sedan valance 10

Josè and I were both very excited and honoured to have our cars used as the demo vehicles for the new piece and it was hard to keep quiet for so long about it when other owners kept asking if anyone would ever make such a piece. It was especially hard for Josè, as his was already painted and installed before mine even arrived, and he couldn’t say a word about it until mine was ready too. Haha

And then there was one…

The #1 Post from 2015 

I’m sure that for some of you reading this, it won’t come as a surprise to see what was the most popular post of the year. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll provide a quick hint – remember I mentioned at the start that a few of these posts had something in common? This is one of those posts, and that “something” is a Race Red Focus sedan. Does that help?

RDC ST swapped sedan 1

The World’s First ST-powered Mk3 Sedan! Back in August, after lots of planning and preparation, Mike at Rebel Devil Customs could finally show to the world the result of a lot of hard work which happened to be the first Mk3 sedan powered by the heart of an ST. This was a major milestone for the Mk3 community and Josè and myself were extremely excited to be able to share it with the world. Could it be done? Would it be done? Who would do it first? All of those questions were at last answered. Of course though, since then there has been a new question waiting to be answered – who’s next?

RDC ST swapped sedan 3

This was something that many had been waiting to see for quite some time so we all knew it’d be a hot topic, but even so the statistics and activity on the site far exceeded my expectations. The day it was posted, the blog exploded like I had never seen before and all kinds of records were set. Just to put it into perspective, this single post received more views than the other four on this list combined! This swap was a big deal and it was a safe bet from the start that this would be one of the most popular posts of the year, if not THE most popular.

Last year when Josè’s feature was the most-viewed post of the year, it was also the most-viewed post of all time. Today both of those titles now belong to this, the reveal of the ST swap. Congratulations Mike!


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