RDC Rear Emblem Delete: Part 1

Tonight I have a quick post for you all, taking a look at Rebel Devil Customs’ rear emblem delete panel for the Mk3 Focus!

RDC emblem delete 1

This recently arrived and gave me a good excuse to take out the camera for a few photos. This is the part straight out of the box, in its raw form. Obviously it needs bodywork and paint next.

Driven 2015 44

These emblem deletes replace the factory trim piece on the hatch/trunk which houses the license plate light, release button, and obviously, the Ford emblem. Wanting to clean up the back of his car, Mike made some prototypes and turned the idea into a product that can be bought from RDC.

RDC emblem delete 7

The only visual difference is the lack of a relief for the emblem, the removal of which makes quite an impact on the appearance of the rear of these cars. The opening is of course present for the license plate light and release button…

RDC emblem delete 5

…and on the backside are the mounting points for securing it to the hatch/trunk.

RDC emblem delete 3

There are two different versions offered because the two body styles require different pieces, so if you want to order one make sure you select the correct part! There are also two materials offered – this one is fiberglass but Carbon Fiber is also offered. That version is more expensive but the upside is that paint isn’t required, which saves money.

RDC emblem delete 2

Now, you’re probably assuming that this is one of the changes that the sedan will see this year but this isn’t actually mine – it’s for Mario’s ST! I delivered it to him last night and now he’s going to look into getting it painted Race Red for his car.

RDC emblem delete 4

It hasn’t yet been test-fitted on his car so we can’t comment on the out-of-the-box fitment, but that will come, as well as photos of the finished product.

RDC emblem delete 6

Thanks to Rebel Devil Customs for the piece! Part 2 will be posted to follow this up, once some progress has been made on getting it ready for Mario’s car. I’m not yet sure if I’ll order one for the sedan, but I do have something else coming which should actually arrive very soon. More on that, when it does!


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