#DRIVENPREP – Shane’s Integra

For today I have a quick little post about Shane’s car and one of the updates it’s seeing in time for Driven 2016. Like last year, Shane will be part of the officialTHREETWENTY group with his turbocharged Integra, a car he’s been working on for a while now and is continually refining. This year, one of the updates is a pair of J’s Racing front fenders.

Js fender 2

I stopped by his house one evening and we installed one of the fenders; the second was back at the paint shop as it had a run which needed fixing, but we took the opportunity to mount one on the car to make a bit of progress and also see how it’d look.

Js fender 1

I have long been a fan of these fenders and if/when I ever get my hands on an Integra they’ll be on my shopping list for sure.

Js fender 3

Shane’s Integra is one of those builds focused primarily on performance which happens to look good as a by-product. The fenders will not only serve as a cosmetic update but will also offer more clearance for his fat tires, which are needed to put the power down.

The second fender has since returned from the paint shop and also been fitted, meaning his car is that much closer to being ready for May 7th. If you stop by the Olympic Oval for the show, be sure to look for our group!


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