Our Surprise for Sunday School 2016

By the time this post goes live, we will be at Sunday School 2016 watching the first spectators arrive.

Sunday School 2016 1

Of course today’s event is the official unveiling of the freshly-converted Mustard, and it’s also Sriracha’s first show, but we had one little surprise which we just began sharing a couple of days ago which I wanted to highlight here.

Sunday School 2016 2

Our friend Josè – whose car you may recognize from previous features here on officialThreeTwenty – made the drive up from California to take part! He arrived on Thursday (after leaving only the day before!) and we were all excited to meet in person for the first time as well as see each other’s vehicles, the progress of which we had all followed exclusively through forums and social media.

Sunday School 2016 3

Not only was it an amazing opportunity to be able to have him up here for the show, his Focus also happened to undergo a quick (but very effective) makeover in time for today’s event as well! Mario’s old Works, a set of tires from us, a new banner, and other small tweaks resulted in what you see above, and what attendees will be seeing at the show right now – the new Ketchup, AKA Spicy Ketchup.

Incidentally, I’m finishing this post up at a little after five in the morning as I also get a few final decals together for friends. I should be out cold but the excitement for the show is enough to keep me awake. Sunday School 2016 is here at last! Stay tuned for coverage of the event to follow as soon as I can get through the photos from today, and also recover from what was an incredibly productive, but tiring, couple of weeks.


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