Lost Royalty x Lowcals Meet

I’m working through and uploading all of these photos in chronological order so instead of the follow-up to the previous post, today we have the coverage of the Lost Royalty x Lowcals meet instead. This took place the day following the collector car auction, and it was the day after this when we returned to the auction so that all of the paperwork could be taken care of. As such, that will be the next post up on the site and a quick video will accompany it too.

Back on topic, Lost Royalty and Lowcals collaborated to host a meet here in town on October 2nd to try and fit in another gathering before the weather turned. It was well-timed as a few days after we received snow which not only made the 780 Tuners closer quite cold, but also led to the cancellation of the season’s final track day at Castrol. As hard as it is to believe, we’re already nearing the end of the year and I for one will be very appreciative of any remaining warm and clear days like this.

The venue for this meet was one of the parking lots at Quarry Park, the same lot in fact where Lowcals had held their Summer Send Off about a month prior. It’s a very nice area and the lot itself it quite sizable, which allowed for a number of vehicles to attend without having to fight for space with patrons of the various businesses there.

Unfortunately, later in the day the owner of an S13 decided to perform a burnout and I really hope that it will not jeopardize our ability to have meets here in the future. STOP STUNTING AT MEETS! I find it hard to believe that people continue to think behaviour like this is acceptable – it is not! All it does it hurt the community as we continuously lose access to locations for meets and gatherings. Save it for the track and stop making all of us look bad.

That aside, I want to say thanks to all of the guys for organizing this meet; I didn’t stay for too long but I had a lot of fun catching up with friends and checking out the cars. Let’s get to the photos!


Not long after I arrived Jason rolled out – he recently became a father so a huge congratulations (again) goes to him and Diana! I’m waiting on that Recaro baby seat to show up – or perhaps a stroller with a GT wing for a handle?


The Balance Auto ITR should need no introduction at this point…


Arif and Josh’s EK and EG (respectively) are two of my favourite Hondas in town. Great parts and style on both.


Aldrich brought his HUGE puppy Merlin to the meet. Seriously, this guy’s 10 and a half months old now and he’s massive. What are your dog food bills like Aldrich?


Also in attendance was Terence, with his EK. I hadn’t seen him in ages so it was great to hang out and chat a bit. He has since gotten married so congratulations to him as well! (Meanwhile I’m over here like “I need a bigger turbo”).


Some time was spent checking out all of the 180s/240s and so on; my mother joined the meet with her Thunderbird but S13s were on the mind so we took a good look at the other examples…


Even a GT3RS showed up! I wasn’t expecting that…


Two different takes on Herbie-themed bugs. It’s great how two examples of the same model with the same inspiration can still be so different.


The same-but-different theme continues with the black and white pairings of E46 M3s and Evo Xs.


I don’t know who owns this Varis STI, but a slow clap to you. The colour, parts selection, everything; just wow.


Birdy’s Rallybacker FR-S and another Varis STI, this time a sedan. Complain about widebodies being overdone all you want, but I won’t. Widebody all the things!


Errol also got lost and just like Jackie brought his track car to a meet instead of a track. Haha

Errol has actually recently (?) sold his Amuse S2000 so I’m curious to see how the RSX evolves from here on out.


Continuing to pop my hood at events because there’s something worth showing off under there now!


Josh, all smiles as he hops back in the race car to depart.


Despite the number of Skylines up here sedans still seem to be fairly uncommon, perhaps ER34s aside, so it was nice to see an R32 sedan out and about!


Another shot of Mustard – I expected it wouldn’t be long at this point before the Turbomacs came off (and I was right) so I wanted to grab a few more photos while it was in summer mode.


I always enjoy seeing cars in progress (perhaps almost more than the finished products at times) so this S14 really caught my attention as it came in.


The cage certainly looks rather intricate, and note the gussets too! I hope I get to see the finished car at an event in the future.


Birdy’s FR-S again with that crazy chassis-mounted wing peeking over the roof.


Varis STI sedan again too. Nice touch with the towhook matching the wheels.


It must have hurt to cut up a brand-new Lexus RC but there’s no denying the insane presence the car had. The bolted-on flares only complement the already bold styling as far as I’m concerned.


It’s too bad Rob’s headlights were down here. Haha


During the meet I ran over to grab a Starbucks, and found some of the guys in the midst of a game of SKATE when I did. Cameraman Rob was handling the filming of the battle.


Something’s going on over there. I don’t know what though.


That crazy S14 again…


And I’m closing out today’s post with a few more of Mustard, because I can. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back soon for the follow-up to the collector car auction! I know a lot of people have been waiting for more information on what happened that day, and it’ll be coming soon!


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