Spreading Christmas Cheer with Giftwrapped Cars

Before we begin with the year-end review posts it’s only right that we wrap up (ha!) the behind-the-scenes videos of the 403 Media Christmas video! As mentioned in the previous post I had helped Dustin and Brent with the preparations by covering both the S15 and Legacy in wrapping paper the night before the shoot. The day of I also tagged along to check it out and gather some video clips and photos of it all to go with those I had from the preparations.


I initially was planning to put the full set of photos up prior to the review posts as well but on second thought I’ll be reserving those to go up afterwards – with how crazy 2016 was there’s absolutely no shortage of events and achievements to look back on and I want to ensure the reviews cover everything properly and in detail. It has already taken a lot of time to go back through everything and I still have more to do to get them ready!

Watch for Part 1 to go live on December 30th followed by Part 2 on the 31st – and in the meantime of course please click Play on the video above to see more of our little adventure around downtown as we surprised (and confused) people with giftwrapped cars! It was a ton of fun and seeing so many people smiling and laughing made it all worthwhile.


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