The McLaren 675LT

For this year’s auto show I decided to do things a bit differently in regards to coverage, because I went about my visit to the show differently. Typically I’d shoot just about every single car and truck and so when I shared content from the event last year, it was a large 4 – part series covering pretty much the entire range of manufacturers.

This time around I – for lack of a better word – streamlined my shooting by being more selective, photographing only what really caught my eye. Given my wide range of interests when it comes to cars that still meant that I shot things ranging from a Jeep Renegade to a Ferrari F12 TDF, but there were ultimately many cars (and even a couple of manufacturers) that I didn’t record to my memory card at all. Whether it was because they were cars I’d seen at shows before, or aging models that didn’t really have much new to share, or a brand’s enthusiast cars had all died out (*cough* Mitsubishi *cough*) it allowed me to spend more time exploring and capturing the cars that really caught my attention.

Along with the more ‘selective’ photo set covering the show overall though, there were also a few models in particular that I really focused on and as such they will be featured in their own posts. I had known that these cars would be present through announcements and teasers leading up to the show, so when I arrived I went straight for them to start getting photos before crowds got in the way too much. Today we begin the coverage of the 2017 Calgary Auto Show by focusing on one of those cars – one that I had been waiting to see in person for a couple of years and so was overjoyed that I had the opportunity to finally do just that – the McLaren 675LT.

This particular car was a Spider variant, with a pretty good spec but somewhat oddly, orange seatbelts – which did at least tie in to the LT badging. Alcantara interior, paint matched calipers, extended carbon fiber, Track Telemetry pack; this car was configured very well. Unfortunately but understandably it (and the other McLarens) were roped off as you can see so I was not able to get any shots from behind it, but I did hand my camera off to one of the fellows working at the stand and he went and snapped an interior shot for me, so thanks to him that! (Full disclosure, I forgot to ask him for a shot of the car from behind. Fail on my part…)

Given that this was the highlight of the entire show for me this could be seen as perhaps dispensing the coverage backwards (save the best for last and all that) but I saw no better way to kick off this series of posts than with the vehicle that I was most excited to see. This was not just my favourite model from McLaren, in my favourite McLaren colour (Napier Green), but the LT is my favourite supercar, period.

I hope that you all enjoy these photos, and please stay tuned for the additional coverage of the Calgary Auto Show including some more spotlights!

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*In case you were wondering, $532,000 USD – or about $710,000 CAD at the time of writing this. Oh dear…


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