The Civic Type R (Concept)


So far in the spotlights from this year’s auto show we’ve looked at a $700,000+ supercar followed by the new flagship from Lincoln. Now, we move to something a little different again, and perhaps more crucially something that is much more affordable and likely much more of interest to many reading this – the new Civic Type R. Well, the Civic Type R concept at least.

The production version of the car was not on hand at the show this year so instead we were treated to the sinister looking concept with its dark brushed finish. Speaking of, I think that finish suits the lines of the car quite well; I wonder how many owners of the production version will recreate the look? Anyway, all we could get was mainly a look at the exterior of the concept as it was up on a rotating platform. Seeing inside was made extra difficult due to not only the large radius of said platform but also the fact that it was slightly raised, so all you’ll get of the interior today is one shot showing a bit of the seats; which were quite nice mind you, with the detailed accent stitching and Type R embroidery.

As quickly mentioned in the previous post (Auto Show, Part 1) in regards to the standard versions of the Civic, times change and the new Type R will definitely be a change for us when compared to the last model that was sold here – the DC2 Integra Type R. Gone is the screaming, naturally-aspirated engine and in its place is a turbocharged powerplant slotting in between Focus ST and RS power levels. The styling is also another drastic change as the ITRs were quite ‘reserved’ you could say, and even the non-R Civics have fairly aggressive styling to start with so the pumped-up CTR is on another level completely. While the ITRs and even the EK9 CTRs would go unnoticed to untrained eyes, this thing has enough wings and vents and cuts and swoops to make it impossible for anyone to miss. Though, I suppose it could be argued that the in-your-face styling maybe makes more sense for what this car is? Like the Golf R takes the very ‘grown up’ approach with its styling and not really shouting to the world, and the Focus RS is a bit more boy-racer with the gaping grille and double-level wing, they went all-out with this one and it’s not too different to what many built-up examples of the older models have seen. Perhaps it’ll save owners from having to add the crazy aero after purchase?

I’d be curious to see the response towards this car, not just from those who know the Type R badge and what it means but more so from those who have no pre-existing knowledge of it – what will they think of some bewinged Civic with flared arches, three exhaust tips, massive wheels and ‘Type R’ dotted around it? I’ll also be very interested to follow social media and print to see how builders and the aftermarket take to this car of course and see where the support/community is in a few years’ time.

Also interesting is the question this poses for the Type R fans here in Canada – do you go for the iconic, naturally-aspirated older models which can be bought (DC2R) and imported (EK9) here, or do you want your Type R with that new-car smell and a turbo? Regardless, I’m sure lots of us are looking forward to seeing these pop up at events once they officially arrive.

YYC Auto Show 2017 32YYC Auto Show 2017 30YYC Auto Show 2017 28YYC Auto Show 2017 27YYC Auto Show 2017 29

A couple more quick comments before closing today; first, I love how the wing takes a similar profile and shape to the rear lights, making almost a repeating effect at the back of the car – it’s a nice touch. Also note the two little fins, one either side at the top of the rear window.

YYC Auto Show 2017 31

And finally, from this angle the nose almost looks like it’s bulging in every direction, puffing out around the headlights and grille like a balloon being pinched and about to pop. It looks downright mean and that brushed finish only enhances that.

YYC Auto Show 2017 33

What are your thoughts on the new CTR?


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