Wild Wednesdays are Back

For today we take a quick detour from Driven coverage, for something I feel is important to spread word about.

Local enthusiasts – and longer-term readers of the site – may remember that the Grey Eagle Casino used to host Wild Wednesdays. These were enormous car meets, many times drawing in hundreds of vehicles and were a great place to hang out on those beautiful summer evenings. Friends and I would often stop by there first, and then later on in the evening head over to Chinook for the Beyond meets (yeah, this was a little while ago), and it was awesome to be able to attend two meets in the same night and see more of what our city had to offer.

Unfortunately, due to construction the casino hasn’t been able to host Wild Wednesdays since 2015 but last year a replacement was started and it has just returned for the 2017 season.

Military Museum 2

Wild Wednesdays are now hosted at The Military Museums, located at 4520 Crowchild Trail SW. It’s a beautiful facility and one that frankly, I should get around to actually visiting (that is, going in to) one day. Not only are the cars of course a good reason to come by, but it’s worthwhile to walk around and see some of the military machinery and read the signs that are on display.

Military Museum 4

As was the case with the original Wild Wednesdays, food is present but this time is provided by some of the local food trucks. What’s better than cool cars in a great setting? Cool cars in a great setting with food!

Military Museum 3

Now, I’m sure that by this point some of you will be wondering “what about the Menace meets?”. These are of course also hosted on Wednesdays, but at a later time, meaning it is once again possible to attend two meets in one evening. Whereas the Menace meets officially start at 8pm, Wild Wednesdays run from roughly 6 to 8. As it happens the museum is also just a few minutes away from Menace’s location, so in both terms of time and location, it nearly couldn’t be better positioned if you tried.

Military Museum 1

If you’re looking to further satisfy your car meet cravings or just want to see more of the machinery in our community and also have an excuse to check out a very nice facility, I’d highly recommend adding Wild Wednesdays to your calendar and making the trip over. Our car seasons are short, so we might as well make the most of them.

As a final, important note though, there will be absolutely NO TOLERANCE FOR STUNTING of any kind. Such immature behaviour has already cost our community and it will not be accepted at Wild Wednesdays. This won’t be an issue for most people of course but sadly, there’s always someone who thinks it’s cool to show off and ultimately it only hurts the rest of us.

LOCATION: The Military Museums, 4520 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, T2T 5J4

TIME: 6-8 PM, Wednesdays


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