LOWMARO’S New Wheels Are…

So, yes – Derrick bought aftermarket wheels for the Camaro! As I mentioned in the Sunday School coverage they unfortunately missed the show by a hair, so it was after the event that the Camaro went off to Mario’s shop for mounting/balance of the tires and fitting of the new shoes. To accommodate the new setup the car was raised up slightly (Notaslowanymoremaro doesn’t have the same ring, does it?) and the fenders were rolled a bit for clearance as they were quickly found to foul on the rubber.

Camaro Tarmacs 9

For the last few years Derrick had been rolling on OEM SS wheels – measuring in at 20” all around. When it came time to spec the new wheels he decided to step down a size to 19s with a meatier tire, and selected something that was perhaps unexpected, at least as far as the Camaro world was concerned…

Camaro Tarmacs 1

…fifteen52 Tarmacs! He not only joined the #52family but the White Wheel Crew as well; the finish isn’t an exact match for the shade of the car (Summit White) but is very close and helps continue the Panda colour scheme.

Camaro Tarmacs 3

The Tarmacs measure in at 19 x 9.5 square with 285 tires; and with a lower offset are a much more aggressive package than the original or the SS wheels!

Camaro Tarmacs 2

A recent Menace meet was my first opportunity to see the car in person with the Tarmacs, and thus grab some photos of it. It was still rocking the semi-stripped interior too; this car has really changed this season with just a few carefully-selected updates!

Camaro Tarmacs 6

The black and white theme continues with black emblems too, an existing change but a subtle one that I’m sure some hadn’t picked up on!

Camaro Tarmacs 4Camaro Tarmacs 5

19” Tarmacs vs 18” Turbomacs, and meaty vs slightly stretched. Once upon a time, Derrick and I were basically the only domestic owners at the local meets…times have changed!

Camaro Tarmacs 7

The light was quickly fading but of course I made sure to grab a photo of our group at Menace that night too – Shutterbug, Mayo, Andrew’s Mk1 (now known as #320spork. Seriously!), Sriracha, Mustard, and Lowmaro…

Camaro Tarmacs 8

…as well as one of just the fifteen52-equipped cars; two on silver and two on white, with 2.5 sets of Tarmacs and 1.5 sets of Turbomacs between them!

So what do you think? The car has certainly been turning heads with the new Tarmacs as it’s a unique pairing, but of course we all like it!

As a final note before wrapping up, September is the birthday month for a few of us – José and Mario had theirs last week, mine is next week – and today is Derrick’s birthday! I figured it would be the perfect day to share these, so that’s why I had this post go up right after the post-imSS entry. Happy Birthday Derrick, I hope you like the photos!


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