Mustard and Tabasco are in S3 Magazine!

I realize that this may sound a bit odd coming from me – given that I not only run this site but also provide content for fifteen52’s Project ST campaign – but nothing beats print.

Don’t get me wrong, there are of course plenty of quality online-only outlets for automotive content – Speedhunters, The Chronicles, The Narita Dogfight (*cough* officialTHREETWENTY *cough* haha) – but nothing can replace print.

In recent years this has become much more of a talked-about issue as one by one various automotive magazines have vanished from shelves, leaving us with a fraction of what we once had to choose from. As someone who is on both sites of the digital content world – creator and consumer – I will always enjoy digital media but nothing beats holding a physical publication in your hands and flipping through it; especially with a hot cup of coffee, for example.

That special feeling is only magnified when it’s your own vehicle on those pages.

PF Magazines 1

Many of you will be aware that back in 2014, Mario and I had our Foci featured in Performance Ford Magazine (their September 2014 issue specifically) and that was a huge milestone for both of us. More recently Mustard was alongside a red Focus once again in print, but obviously it wasn’t Ketchup – it was Tabasco!

S3 mag 3imSS 2016 Group Photo 2

S3 magazine, an independent publication, featured both Mustard (my sedan) and Tabasco (José’s sedan) in their 44th issue! Credit for this goes to José as he took the lead on securing this feature; we tried for the double feature since both of our cars are ST4s (ST swapped sedans) and they were happy to take it on! When the issue originally came out it was announced on our Instagram, as well as José’s, but no formal post was published here on the site. Given that my order from S3 recently arrived I figured it was time to change that!

S3 mag 1

As with the PF feature, I wanted a copy for everyone who has helped with the car over the years as a thank you, and had to place an order with S3 to secure enough magazines to do so. The box arrived this week and since I have plenty of copies (for now) I wanted to grab some photos before they’re all handed out.

S3 mag 2

We are both extremely proud to see our cars in print and I can’t wait to get the rest of these magazines out to everyone; local shops, friends, and even one of my neighbours who has helped out with the car on a few occasions.

imss 2016 Group PhotoS3 mag 4

Going back to long before I could even have a license, I would pick up magazine after magazine from the local bookstores and pour through them all, looking at the cars featured and dreaming of one day seeing a car of my own on those pages. As magazines’ numbers have diminished, if anything that desire has only magnified. I will always support digital media and greatly enjoy keeping up with the sites such as those listed above, but will never let them lead me to forget about print. Sometimes modern technology just can’t replace its predecessors, and should stand alongside it instead. Support and enjoy today’s media outlets, because they are a great resource and source of entertainment, but don’t forget about what came before. Support print.


*To see the feature please go and order a copy of S3 for yourself, or visit their site at for a digital version. 

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