Throwback – 2012 Beyond Meets (Pt 2)

I’ll keep the intro brief this time around; I had a chance to finish editing this second batch of photos the other night, so as promised I have more from the 2012 Beyond meets to continue with this month’s Throwback theme!

Speaking of, I’ve had some great feedback regarding these Throwback posts so far; I’m glad you guys are enjoying them so much! I have one more planned (ideally it’ll be up before the end of the month but I’m still spending a lot of time running to and from the hospital, so I won’t promise a specific date) and some new content will be coming with it as well; some parts are waiting to go onto the Focus (and others have parts to install as well), and as of today World of Wheels 2018 is now happening so I’m hoping to pop down there to check it out.

Beyond 2012 22

Anyway, let’s get back to the Beyond photos now; today we begin with a couple of Mario’s old cars – his Fit, which you saw in the Driven 2012 throwback, and his S2000. Remember the green CE28s that you see here; they went on to the S2000’s successor which will be seen later on in the post. Also note the patterned duct tape on the trunk lid – the front lip wore a few varieties of it over the years as well. Perhaps we need to bring a small piece of this into Sriracha as an homage?

[Great minds think alike, and occasionally Mario and I do too (ha). Right after I had written this draft up he mentioned the idea to me of finding a place for some patterned duct tape on Sriracha this year, as a throwback to the S2000. Let’s see what we can come up with.]

Beyond 2012 23

Near perfection, in the form of an AE86, with Derrick’s Camaro making another appearance. As a side note I found multiple photos in these folders which included Derrick himself, and even though this was only 5 and a half years ago, he looked to be about 12. Hahaha

Beyond 2012 24

I’m a sucker for anything with a cage. Note the full, gusseted setup in this S13.5.

Beyond 2012 25

I realized after the fact that when I wrote up Part 1 of this, I referred to Mustard as Tiggy (it was late so I was probably a bit on autopilot there) which may be a bit confusing to some of you. Tiggy is the car’s ‘actual’ name; Mustard only came to be its nickname after Mario started building up his Focus ST and the pair would frequent events. Someone, somewhere, called them Ketchup and Mustard and it stuck so we just ran with it.

More importantly than stories about car names, I threw this photo in because the Downforce lip made its first appearance – it was fitted partway through the 2012 season as I ordered it after Driven that year. This is the exact lip that I still have on that bumper today, as it was the very first production copy which I was sent prior to its official release, and so I have held on to it.

Beyond 2012 26Beyond 2012 27

Just because taping up a car for a road trip is done for protection, who says you can’t have a bit of fun with it? I remembered this ITR so I’m very glad to have found photos of it. The Spoon livery made from blue tape was a hilarious sight, and there was even a ‘banner’ on the windshield!

Beyond 2012 28Beyond 2012 29

While as a whole our community has greatly changed since 2012 in terms of projects, there will always be a few popping up in old photos that are still around and very much active today; Arif’s EK in the background is one such example.

Beyond 2012 30

And then of course there are these two…once upon a time, these were basically the only domestics at our local meets. One has changed a fair bit since this photo was taken, while the other has basically remained exactly the same, but these days they are certainly far from alone as many more domestics can be seen at our meets and shows.

Beyond 2012 31

Decals aside, the only difference between the GP here and the GP now would be the wheels, but I already owned the Crosslaces (its summer wheels) by 2012. I believe they were temporarily off of the car at this point in time for their swap to white, which we did for Sunday School that year. These wheels are the car’s originals, which were (and still are) fitted with winters.

Beyond 2012 32

I found this photo during my searching so I figured I might as well toss it up; I had mentioned it in the 5-year anniversary post, but here’s proof that the name existed some time before this site did. I didn’t even make decals yet, so these were produced by Terence when he still ran Black Label. I might even still have a couple kicking around…

Beyond 2012 33

Green Honda sedan team! This is/was Scott’s Accord, which I believe he might still have, though if he does it’s still parked following the purchase of his EVO X a few years back. In the background is Kyle’s Civic which he should still own – he certainly had it as of late last season as it was brought out to a couple of meets.

Beyond 2012 34

This car should be instantly recognizable, since it’s not like Amuse S2Ks are exactly common. Isaac of course owns this now, but this photo was taken when it was still under Errol’s ownership and if I’m remembering it correctly, he had just unveiled the widebody at this meet following the car’s lengthy body shop visit that year. I remember upon its arrival everyone just stopped and stared, trying to process what they were seeing.

Beyond 2012 35

Ironically, the Amuse widebody car had the smallest wing…beaten by both Arif’s EK and Aldrich’s old WRX. One of the most unique and distinctive aspects of the Amuse kit would be the exhaust placement and if you look closely, the new system wasn’t completed here as the kit had just been fitted to the car.

Beyond 2012 36

Originally (going way back), I was a bit lukewarm to CR-Xs (didn’t love them but certainly didn’t hate them either), but their styling is aging so well and I find it hard to ignore them now. Peep the intercooler and front flares on this example.

Beyond 2012 37Beyond 2012 38Beyond 2012 40

There are those green CEs again, meaning that this was Mario’s next car! He only had this TSX for a handful of months, selling it (and trading his Fit) to switch over to Ketchup, but he made it over almost overnight with coils, the OEM lip kit, the CF hood and trunk, and so forth. I remember he had asked me to grab some photos of it in this state at the Beyond meet, and so I did.

Beyond 2012 39

You saw Colin’s blue GLI in Part 1, and next to it here was Tyler’s old GTI 337 (I believe that’s correct?). These two made for a good pair of cars; each had a fair bit of work put in and were instantly recognizable.

Beyond 2012 41

Being later in the season at this point, nightfall would happen fairly early on and so the meets were quickly getting darker and darker. Seen here is Reggie’s old E92; an AC Schnitzer-kitted 328xi. I remember when the E9x platform first came out, thinking how awesome they were (I still think they are, FYI) – and now the early cars are 11 and 12 model years old; what the heck? It won’t be long before we can import the RHD versions…

Beyond 2012 42Beyond 2012 43

Upon digging through my archives I found photos that I’d completely forgotten about, as well as ones that I remembered clearly; these fall into the latter category. After one of the Beyond meets later in the season a few of us quickly parked our cars on a lower level for some photos. You all know Mustard, and Kyle’s Celica still shows up to events here and there, but who remembers the blue Fit that Guy used to own? It was no stranger to the site but as it was sold a few years ago it hasn’t been seen or referenced in some time.

Beyond 2012 44Beyond 2012 45Beyond 2012 46

This is a bad image, I know (c’mon 2012 me, step your game up), but I was set on including it because it shows the year’s “Super Meat” (yes, ‘meat’); the giant annual gathering which would nearly fill up the entire upper level of the Chinook parkade. This was the jumbo event that brought out EVERYONE and we all looked forward to it. The two photos prior are also from the Super Meat, incidentally.

Beyond 2012 47

A young Jackie, next to a young Brad, talking to….a Mario who was still older here than I am now. Hahahaha. Had the TSX stuck around as a project longer a black roof would have been a great next step to really set it off, but as mentioned he then switched from the Honda camp to the Domestic side and here we are today, messing with Fords. I set out to buy a Honda, and he had only ever owned Hondas, but somehow we both wound up with Fords instead.

Beyond 2012 48

And finally, a photo from one of the few meets that got moved; surely it was cold outside being October at this point, hence our retreat to the warmer (but noisier, from the fans) underground portion of the Chinook parkade. I included this because this generation of Prelude has always caught my eye; I remember a pretty wild one from my neighbourhood back when I was in Junior High that I always thought was really cool, and yes it was yellow. There were some pretty neat design elements in these things.

And that’s it! Like I said above, I do have that one final planned Throwback post which I’ll try to have up on the site before March rolls in, and I hope you all enjoy it too! With the weather getting a bit better we can hopefully have some install days before too long so there will be some more Focus/Fiesta content coming your way as well once parts start making their way on to our cars. Stay tuned!


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