Finally, a Car Meet!

This year the snow has been very persistent to say the least, but fortunately for our sanity there have been a few breaks from it, and one of those brief moments happened to line up with the planned date for a local mini-meet!

Organized via one of the Focus owners’ Facebook pages, it was a perfect excuse to take Mustard out for a spin and hang out with some fellow enthusiasts, both existing friends and new ones. We arranged to meet up at Chinook Mall in their underground parkade which provided shelter from the cold and allowed for some very noisy echos of exhausts and BOVs (sorry everyone else. Haha).

You’ll see Yolanda’s ST as well as James’ RS below; Brian was also set to attend, but unfortunately while he was driving over to the mall his car broke down and left him at the side of the road. The shift tower broke – one of the smallest pieces in the powertrain but one without which the car is immobile (for want of a nail, the kingdom was lost) – so it’s currently sitting at the dealership as the warranty repair is figured out.

That unfortunate news aside, the meet was a nice little get-together and while it only ran for a couple of hours, those were a couple of hours that were very much appreciated. I only grabbed a handful of photos but I hope you enjoy regardless. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before meets are back as a regular occurrence!

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