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World of Wheels’ timing is both brilliant and unfortunate, depending on which side of the show you’re on. If you’re a participant, you have to get your vehicle down to the venue in what will likely be far less than ideal weather conditions and ensure it’s in pristine condition for the weekend ahead, when everything outside is likely the same shade of dirty-slushy grey. If you’re a spectator however, it’s a welcome boost in motivation to work on your own projects, and works pretty well to build excitement for the coming car season.

The timing is the primary reason my mother and I have yet to enter any of our own vehicles into the event; we’re often asked if or when we ever will. At this time of year they’re either still in pieces as they undergo off-season restoration/modifications/upkeep, and even when they haven’t been we’ve never taken on the task of coordinating trailers and transport to get them down to the venue. Side note, the idea of investing in a car trailer has come up…

…but back to the point of this post. This year’s event was held a few weeks ago and we were both present to not just go and admire some cars, but also catch up with friends – which is arguably the best part of World of Wheels. The vehicles on display are amazing of course, make no mistake, but being the first real event of the calendar year means that it’s a great opportunity to run into familiar faces, many of whom we hadn’t seen since the fall when 2018’s show season wrapped up.

I didn’t take a ton of pictures at this year’s event but I was using it as a chance to try out a borrowed camera in anticipation of picking up some new equipment myself later on – which I now have, as of a few days ago – and I’m fairly happy with the resulting set. Incidentally I also used this camera when Derrick and Mario did their car swap, but that was posted prior to this event just so the guys could promptly share the news of their purchases. There was a bit of a learning curve as I got acquainted with a completely different set of equipment but in the end I wound up with this selection of photos, to share here today. I hope you enjoy!

World of Wheels 2019 40World of Wheels 2019 41

Giuseppe’s S15 Spec R – literally the first car I shot. We entered the show right as it opened on the Friday and made a line straight for VEX’s booth so that I could see it. Those with a good memory may recall that I also started 2018’s coverage off with his car but are we really surprised I’m doing it again? S15 > all. Haha

World of Wheels 2019 19World of Wheels 2019 2World of Wheels 2019 1

Not too far away sat Tyler’s C10, complete with a bed floor which was a new addition since the last time I’d seen it; previously all of the air suspension components had been uncovered.

World of Wheels 2019 4World of Wheels 2019 3

International Metro, through the windshield of another International Metro.

World of Wheels 2019 5World of Wheels 2019 6

’83 Mustang, for the Fox Body fans out there (Hi Brian!).

World of Wheels 2019 7

Rewinding to Sunday School last year, I walked away with an almost straight-on shot of this old Chevy, which didn’t show a ton of detail; this hopefully makes up for that. The patina on the body would have been cool on its own, but the inclusion of faux-aged graphics and the pinstriping on top took that up a level.

World of Wheels 2019 9World of Wheels 2019 8

And while patina is always cool, seeing gleaming paint on a fully-restored example – or the bare metal of one en-route to that – are equally enjoyable. I really liked the contrast provided by having these two side-by-side.

World of Wheels 2019 11World of Wheels 2019 10

Another vehicle I made sure to hunt down was James’ RS, a fellow RDC/1552 vehicle. Unfortunately, following the show it was damaged but is now going in for repairs and a new wrap as I understand…

World of Wheels 2019 12World of Wheels 2019 13

No replacement for displacement? This was definitely unique and very cool for it – a turbocharged, inline-6 Camaro, producing a healthy 420 hp and 370 lb-ft according to the info sheet. The blue-on-blue-on-blue combo was pretty attractive as well.

World of Wheels 2019 15

The sharp lines of the new F-150s are suited really well for a lowered, almost hot-rodded look like this. Note the subtle accenting of a couple of spokes on each wheel, to tie in to the pinstripe separating the white from the black. Nice touch!

World of Wheels 2019 14World of Wheels 2019 27

Wheel close-ups; from some Ford, and some Nissan, I think.

World of Wheels 2019 16World of Wheels 2019 17

There’s something about the sight of a freshly refinished shell that really gets the imagination running wild; it’d be awesome to some day take on a build of this level.

World of Wheels 2019 18


World of Wheels 2019 20

This might’ve been one of those cases where the idea on paper would sound absurd but in person worked amazingly well – raw (but clearcoated) portions against a crazy green flake, further mixed up with a weathered bumper but pristine white walls. I liked it! Also, look closely and you’ll spot a turbo within that bay.

World of Wheels 2019 21World of Wheels 2019 22

Listed as a 1969 Nova SS, this was definitely more like a “1969 Nova SS” if you get what I’m saying – I don’t think there was an OEM piece anywhere on it! Fiberglass body, custom chassis, oh – and a 665 CI engine making 1133 hp and 1030 lb-ft. Sufficient power, then.

World of Wheels 2019 23

And now for something completely different, a 2009 Yamaha C3 XF50; and as is usually the case with two-wheeled modes of transport, literally everything I know about it is courtesy of its info sheet. I had to chuckle, especially following vehicles like that Nova above; obviously it’s a different league entirely but it was amusing to see the listed figures of 5 horsepower and 3.4 lb-ft. At this level, tenths really do matter! Haha. Also, it’s worth noting just how good the Cherry Wood looked against the mint paint.

World of Wheels 2019 31World of Wheels 2019 32World of Wheels 2019 33

Katelyn’s ’86 Plymouth Caravelle, as part of the Time Travelers’ display. This was really shining, following its full respray.

World of Wheels 2019 26World of Wheels 2019 28

Here’s one for my fellow W-Body fans out there – a second-generation (’97-03) Grand Prix GTP with quite an extensive mod list; full repaint in pearl white, coilovers, Brembos, leather/suede interior, sound system, heavily reworked supercharged 3.8L (L67) under the hood…just, wow. I forget the exact quoted figures unfortunately but it was well into the 400s for both horsepower and torque.

World of Wheels 2019 25

I remember that I was a row or two over when I caught a glimpse of one of the tail lights; I was surprised to see one of these at the show and so immediately went over to check it out, and I’m glad I did! Also, it had one of the better personalized plates I’ve seen.

World of Wheels 2019 29World of Wheels 2019 30

Meanwhile, not too far away sat another vehicle I was quite intrigued by – this ’94 S10 and matching Boler trailer. The “nitrous” bottles in the back were a neat touch and the display was a nice addition as well.

World of Wheels 2019 34

Last but not least, to end off this year’s coverage we have this – one of the craziest builds I’ve ever seen in person. This ’58 Lincoln Continental had a reworked body, Art Morrison chassis, custom belly pans, all-aluminum V12 (!) with twin superchargers, and a custom interior, all sitting on monster 22-inch wheels (335s in the rear, incidentally).

World of Wheels 2019 35World of Wheels 2019 36World of Wheels 2019 37

This was showing off an absolutely unbelievable amount of work and skill, and naturally the underside was immaculate as well. Just, wow.

World of Wheels 2019 39

And so there we go; my set of photos from this year’s World of Wheels. It feels great to have one show recorded to the memory cards now and it won’t be long before more find their way there as well – our season kickoff, Driven Calgary, is just under 7 weeks away! With more parts arriving for Mario’s RS, pieces en route for Mustard, the Thunderbird being buttoned up after its work, and more projects underway for other vehicles, it should be a busy year! It’s time to make up for the slower-than-usual year that 2018 was; and we’ll begin with the first updates on the RS, next!


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