Menace Mini Meet

This was a completely unplanned stop on my part, but while driving back home a couple of Wednesdays ago I found myself passing near the Menace lot at around the usual start time so I decided to make a quick detour and see if anyone was there. Restrictions had just been lifted and it was a nice night so sure enough I pulled into the lot to find a couple of the guys hanging out; I parked up and before long a few more of the usual gang arrived as well.

Coming into this totally unprepared (wait for these excuses) I showed up with a nearly dead camera battery and no polarizer so I only fired off a few so-so shots before the camera was tossed back in the trunk – but I still wanted to share them.

We have our group chats for daily communication and all of our social media of course, but this was the first time some of us had seen each other in person since last fall I believe so it was nice to quickly catch up in real life and hang out for a little bit before heading home. It was a very brief stop on my part but very much worth it.

Menace May 13 2020 2Menace May 13 2020 3Menace May 13 2020 4Menace May 13 2020 5Menace May 13 2020 1Menace May 13 2020 6


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