Power Fold Retrofit [Euro Mirrors Pt 2]

Rewinding the clock a bit, as our last post of 2019 (prior to the year-end review) we took a look at Brian’s newly-fitted Euro mirrors. Along with their smaller size and single piece of glass they also featured additional functionality in the form of power fold capability and a BLIS light; or at least, they would have on their original vehicle.

Given that North American cars didn’t receive power fold mirrors and only later (facelift) Mk3s could have BLIS, naturally there was going to be some more work required in order to have those features work on Brian’s 2013 sedan. Since that original post he kept researching and sourced a matching switch pack (to have the power fold button), and with a bit of wiring and some changed settings in FORScan now has the power fold feature fully operational!

Recently he was over at my house so that we could pull his rear bumper and start on the next step – fitting BLIS to the car – but before we did I grabbed my GoPro and he kindly shared what he’d learned from the project, while also showing the mirrors working via locking/unlocking the car as well as the interior button.

BLIS looks to be a bit more involved but that project is underway regardless, so hopefully our resident electrical geek (genius) can solve that mystery as well so that we can share more on that in the future; in the meantime you can check out the video below. Thanks again to Brian for getting this one sorted!



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