Canada Day Meet

Things worked out quite nicely for our Canada Day this year; it not only happened to fall on a Wednesday – car meet night – but it also didn’t rain for once (at least during the evening) so that we actually could have a car meet. The few weeks prior had all seen miserable weather and even though earlier in the afternoon there was pounding rain in some parts of the city it all cleared away in time.

Anticipating that there could be quite a good turnout we started showing up moderately early and found a lot that was…basically empty. Well, not counting the work trucks scattered about, anyway. It seemed to pick up a bit slower than expected so our early arrival ultimately wasn’t really necessary, but it gave us more time to visit which is never a bad thing. A number of the photos from this night are of our own cars then, since that’s most of what there was to shoot for my first hour there or so. Regardless I hope you enjoy!

Menace July 1 2020 4

Since I was taking Mustard my mother decided to bring out Dijon this time to have the two Mk3s together; once I have the S15 back on the road I’m sure the S13 will be tagging along more instead. It’s odd how we can always bring “matching” cars to events if we so choose; we each have a Focus, we each have an S-Chassis, and we each still have our first car (my Grand Prix and her Thunderbird). I promise this wasn’t planned.

Menace July 1 2020 2Menace July 1 2020 5

I played around with the camera while we waited for the others to arrive. There was still lots of evidence of the recent rain, but it was useful for some photos.

Menace July 1 2020 1

Close-up of an Integrale; not clean, but certainly cleaner than my Tarmacs were.

Menace July 1 2020 3

After a bit Yolanda arrived and came over to park next to us; this was my first chance to see the carbon garnish on the car with my own eyes so I then gathered the photos for the previous post (its install) while Yolanda grabbed some dinner.

Menace July 1 2020 8Menace July 1 2020 9

This satin purple Fiesta ST joined not long after – a friend of Yolanda’s.

Menace July 1 2020 10Menace July 1 2020 15

Penny came along too and used her puppy dog eyes to get some of the food for herself.

Menace July 1 2020 12Menace July 1 2020 22Menace July 1 2020 24Menace July 1 2020 6

Derek’s Speed3 is considerably louder now but other than that is still keeping its sleeper status. A new intercooler was just fitted but the factory top-mount setup was retained instead of having one in the bumper, keeping the charge piping shorter and everything hidden.

Menace July 1 2020 7Menace July 1 2020 14

One of the coolest cars of the night, without a doubt, was this Type 3. It looked like a really solid survivor, obviously well cared for but still with a bit of character.

Menace July 1 2020 11

Jay’s GLS – always amazing, and the new wheels are just too good.

Menace July 1 2020 13Menace July 1 2020 16

I didn’t get a chance to interact with Perry beyond just a smile and wave across the lot, but he had his PT Cruiser out for the evening.

Menace July 1 2020 17

LHD Mister Two, rocking a little bit of aero. I can’t recall if it was at this meet or the following gathering on Friday (photos of that are coming), but a few of us were chatting about how this would be a definite “love to try some day” platform.

Menace July 1 2020 18Menace July 1 2020 19

Advans, chunky sidewalls, functional height, and a two-tone. Yes, yes, yes, and more yes.

Menace July 1 2020 25

A new facelift FK8 rolling in…

Menace July 1 2020 23

…followed by an R35. It seems like each year there’s one platform that just suddenly becomes way more prevalent, and this year it is definitely the 350Z. Even just the other day while running errands I saw multiple out and about. I remember when they first launched and were THE car to have as a project, and now they’re nearing 20. Oh boy.

Menace July 1 2020 20Menace July 1 2020 21

I don’t shoot trucks as much as cars, naturally, but this one caught my eye being one of the Atlas editions from Woodridge. It’s also not often you see a new-gen sporting an aftermarket hood around here, or one that’s lowered for that matter.

I ultimately didn’t stay too long as I wanted to get back in time for a gathering with the neighbours, so after this quick lap the camera was put away and I hit the road; things may have picked up more after my departure but even with the slightly smaller-than-expected turnout it was still a great evening and one of the most normal-feeling gatherings I’ve been to this year. With a Bubble Tea meet following just a couple of days later, this may have also been the first week of 2020 in which I attended more than one car-related activity! It’s also nice to have some more new photos, of cars beyond just our own.


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