Custom Decals Season Closer

Here’s one that I know people have been waiting on – photos from the Custom Decals YYC Season Closer! Shawn and the gang – together with Infamous, Kings Must Rise, So Scare, 403 Street Driven, and Thirty Three Ten – put on one heck of a “send-off” (don’t worry, there are still a few weeks left of car activities) for the 2020 season last weekend with a massive gathering at their shop.

I think it’s safe to say we all expected this to be big – with nice weather and many people itching for anything car-related to do – but even so it left us a bit surprised at just how big it got. All in, with 5 separate lots featuring cars there for the event, this was easily the size of a Driven/Sunday School type of show.

Like with one of those events, the variety here didn’t disappoint either. I was quite pleased to find a few Fieros taking part, a couple of supercars casually rolled in, an ex-SEMA build (yellow Hellcat) was on display, there was some classic American muscle, and even lowriders could be found. Of course however there was also no shortage of our generation’s poster cars and favoured canvases, with some featuring jaw-dropping spec sheets and parts collections.

Custom Decals 2020 51Custom Decals 2020 32

Now, I was going to check out the event anyway but Shawn very kindly invited me to bring down the S15 specifically to show it off, and even saved a VIP spot for it up front by the main tents. I stayed up late the night before to get the door panels back in and deal with the bulk of the remaining dash wiring nightmares in the car – so that it was much closer to being fully complete again and wouldn’t be displayed with bare doors – and am very glad I did!

Custom Decals 2020 8Custom Decals 2020 61Custom Decals 2020 58

That’s because the teams behind it all had arranged for some trophies to be handed out, making things a bit more interesting. Along with awards for the Top Ten of the day there were also six individual Judge’s Choice awards, and of these 16 beautiful pieces some ended up being the cherry on top for a few of us. Yolanda and Jay both nabbed Top Tens for their cars while the S15 surprisingly came home with the Judge’s Choice from 403 Street Driven! Given this was the first ever major event the car had attended following the makeover, this was an amazing treat.

Custom Decals 2020 59Custom Decals 2020 60

I ended up spending the bulk of the day with the girls from Redline Sorority – as we either wandered around to check out the show or took breaks in the shade along with some of the SPWC crew – and all in I don’t think it could have been improved upon in any way. We all had a blast, there was free food to keep us going, plenty to check out, doggos to pet, and we got to bring home some souvenirs for a few of the cars too.

Custom Decals 2020 16

With all that said, I hope you enjoy my set of photos from the event. Congratulations to everyone involved for what was a smashing success, and congrats again to Shawn and the team for the continued growth of Custom Decals!

Custom Decals 2020 2Custom Decals 2020 38Custom Decals 2020 3Custom Decals 2020 5Custom Decals 2020 6Custom Decals 2020 28Custom Decals 2020 23Custom Decals 2020 11Custom Decals 2020 12Custom Decals 2020 13Custom Decals 2020 14Custom Decals 2020 4Custom Decals 2020 15Custom Decals 2020 17Custom Decals 2020 22Custom Decals 2020 18Custom Decals 2020 19Custom Decals 2020 20Custom Decals 2020 21Custom Decals 2020 24Custom Decals 2020 9Custom Decals 2020 25Custom Decals 2020 26Custom Decals 2020 27Custom Decals 2020 10Custom Decals 2020 29Custom Decals 2020 30Custom Decals 2020 35Custom Decals 2020 34Custom Decals 2020 36Custom Decals 2020 37Custom Decals 2020 39Custom Decals 2020 40Custom Decals 2020 41Custom Decals 2020 42Custom Decals 2020 43Custom Decals 2020 44Custom Decals 2020 45Custom Decals 2020 47Custom Decals 2020 49Custom Decals 2020 50Custom Decals 2020 48Custom Decals 2020 52Custom Decals 2020 54Custom Decals 2020 55Custom Decals 2020 56Custom Decals 2020 57Custom Decals 2020 46Custom Decals 2020 53


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