Beyond Meets 2020

It wasn’t my intention but January basically ended up being a project car-themed month on the blog. With the updates on the Suburban and my Grand Prix, the Top 5 Builds list, and then the reveal of my new Focus, each of the four weekly posts were very similar in that regard. Because of this I decided that it’d be best to kick February’s posts off with some (overdue) meet photos to mix things up and also get another mini set of these online at last. Whether or not we’ll be able to host meets this season is up in the air at this point in time, but the weather won’t even allow for the toys to come back for a few months yet anyway. My stash of remaining 2020 meet photos will continue to be published as part of the regular series of posts between now and then though, and we’ll see what happens when we get to spring!

For today’s quick little entry I have the rest of the Beyond photos from last season combined with a few stragglers from 2019 which I found still sitting in a folder during a recent tidy-up of my computer. Truth be told we didn’t really have many meets in ’20 which could be counted as actual Beyond meets – the photos I used in the #SAVETHECARMEETS post were from one of them – as we’d either find ourselves at the other tuner meets before the ricers shut them down or the 3G meets after. Due to this today’s entry isn’t the biggest ever, but I do have a bonus post coming mid-week to make up for it.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy!


No flex.


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