Not Available Tuesday Meets – Vol 3

The stockpile of 2020 meet photos served its purpose, helping to keep content varied on the site over the off-season when the toys were tucked away and we all played the waiting game for car season 2021. I still have many photos from last year sitting on my hard drives (I always shoot considerably more than I share) which I may sprinkle in here and there as “throwback” posts, but tonight’s set of Not Available meet photos will be the last of the regularly-scheduled entries that had been saved to get us through the winter. As it happens, it’s also a rather appropriate time to share them – despite the fresh snow that we saw today.

This is because Not Available – along with Redline Sorority – have teamed up to bring a new series of meets to the Calgary community this year: Tuner Tailgate. With both parties losing their weekly public meets last season (you know why) they started brainstorming and decided to co-host this new series, which saw its first iteration this week. Adopting a similar approach to 3G of no public postings (relying on managing a list of invitees and directly messaging everyone) without a fixed date or location, the first gathering seems to have gone down as a great success and we’re all hoping that these can continue throughout the rest of the season without incident – and with the measures in place, there’s no reason they shouldn’t.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy the final set of photos from N/A’s first round of meets last year which – as I’ve said before and still stand by – were the closest (of the public meets) we’d seen in some time to the OG Beyond meets in terms of feel. The venue was perfect, the diversity was amazing, and a lot of us spent some very enjoyable hours there visiting and checking out the cars. Here’s hoping that Tuner Tailgate not only brings back what N/A (as well as Redline) had last year, but continues to build upon and improve what was started.


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