Canines & Cones

Even though the Cars & Coffee & Canines meets were going phenomenally well (though are currently postponed), on a couple of different weeks we did end up coordinating other meetups to further take advantage of the nice weather. We also decided to satisfy some ice cream cravings and so met up at one of the Dairy Queens in town to grab some treats.

The first of these gatherings ended up being a “guy’s night” with Aldrich, Danny, and myself heading over for some food and car talk, while a couple of weeks later we had the group you’ll see in the photos below. The location was slightly out of the way (that is, nice and quiet) and the dogs provided some laughs as usual; not a bad way to spend an hour or two in the middle of the day.

I think there are just enough car photos in this post for this to still be on-topic for a car blog, but clearly they weren’t the focus of the day. Get them in frame. Click. Done. Moving on to the dogs…

Kipper was being his usual self (goofball) but with help from Mel again I was able to grab this cute photo.


Noodles meanwhile was looking a touch bored, unaware that some french fries were about to be coming her way…

As said fries were tossed over I started firing off shots and managed to get a couple of them mid-air!

Eventually the fries ran out though. Sad Noodles.

Some playtime cheered her back up though!

Even Kipper got in on it, and found a way to stop her from running out of range by stepping on her leash. Haha

Another group shot for good measure, with our assortment of projects mixed in amongst a few other customers’ vehicles. I don’t think Danny was technically in a spot here but his smol car could’ve been parked on the sidewalk and still not have been in anyone’s way. With this thing up for sale now, I need to take advantage of these remaining opportunities for tiny vehicle jokes.

At one point this lady then rolled through, to head to the DQ drive-through, in her classic Beetle. This thing either had to be fully restored or it was the ultimate example of a car surviving the years without any evidence of time passing. It looked incredibly clean.

And to finish things off today, the quick shot of our little group that ended up being the cover because I liked it so much. Especially now that more of the cars are out of hiding I’m really hoping we can get back to these soon; also, because I haven’t had any DQ since. I’m craving another hot fudge sundae…


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