403 BeaSTs Meet

Except for iMSS ’19, I don’t think we’ve ever had this many local Foci together in one place at one time. With clear skies and warm weather a bunch of us met up for a little meet/cruise hosted by 403 BeaSTs; some of us – myself included – only hung around for the initial meet-up but we still had a chance to visit, catch up, and grab some photos of the cars before we all rolled out together and split off on the highway.

Today’s post, then, features my set of photos from this pre-cruise meetup, featuring some cars regular readers would of course recognize as well as some new ones. Given this is a new group I’ve still yet to learn everyone’s names and all the details of the individual cars, but here’s hoping that we can get some more of these Foci/Fiesta meets together this year so I can do just that, and also capture more photos for sharing here.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for this meet in terms of size, but my mother and I rolled in together at basically the same time as Yolanda and Jonah (Mk3.5), so we started off with this little group of four.

Kyle joined shortly after with his own 3.5, making it five.

Followed by Gage, for six.

It’s funny how ST owners never leave their spoilers alone. Each one here either had an extension, or risers.

A few more cars then came in, bringing it up to nine. Mario even crashed the party with his RS.

A few of us kept taking these group shots but it seemed that as soon as we had our photos and walked back over to visit with everyone else, a car or two would switch out and we’d have to do it again. The line was continually updating!

Patrick’s Mk3, showing off an aftermarket crash bar and some colour-matched emblem overlays.

I’m glad that Mario was able to pop by briefly with Selsun, as it allowed me the opportunity to grab some better photos showing off his new RPF1s. With no badging, the ST spoiler, and the removed auxiliary gauges, I’m sure that if it were a different colour people would suspect it of being a dressed-up lower model. We still laugh at how badly the ST spoiler upset so many other RS owners.

While at first glance it wouldn’t look out of place, Gage’s ST is actually something unique here. For those that didn’t know, here in Canada we didn’t really get options when it came to STs (or RSs for that matter). Whereas the USA had ST1/2/3 variants of the FoSTs, all of our cars were effectively the top-level version and we had no say in the matter – hence why every Canadian Focus ST has full leather Recaros and HIDs. Gage’s ST however – despite looking basically identical to any other 3.5 here in terms of equipment – is an actual ST3 imported from the USA; he brought it up with him.

Dijon was switched back to the Integrales just in time for this get-together, adding to the list of fifteen52-equipped cars here.

I was quite pleased to have the chance to pop by as this ended up being Mustard’s first meet in the better part of a year. After servicing and running the S15 for a few weeks I recently went and switched it out with the sedan to get it cleaned up and prepared for the season as well. With both now in complete (ish) states I’ll be switching them out much more frequently this year, so friends can stop teasing me about how they never seem to see Mustard any more. Or at least I hope.

Yolanda’s ST with its new livery additions and OG Tarmacs, as well as some of its other aero back on now.

The colour-matched Vega splitter on Jonah’s 3.5 is a nice touch, as is the hint of white behind the grille in the form of the intake snorkel. Stormtrooper look done well.

Kyle’s 3.5 was showing off some brand new graphics courtesy of Custom Decals, and a set of TSWs I can’t say I’ve ever seen before. The purple fog light overlays are a nice touch.

Yolanda and I had been waiting for the opportunity to get our two side-by-side to show off the matching set of OG Tarmacs, so we made sure to do that here. Gage’s are the 9.5s as well, but we failed to get the trio together for photos. Oops.

One new addition for Yolanda’s ST that I hadn’t yet shown on the site is this diffuser, courtesy of Infamous. This thing WILL destroy your ankles if you get too close!

Adding to the mix, Derrick was able to pop by for a few minutes as well with little Sriracha. He’d been by my place recently for the new banner (as he’d just replaced the windshield) but I hadn’t grabbed any photos as we just visited instead. The MRX kit has seen plenty of mileage now and the whole car is still running fantastically well, so thank you to Mountune for a quality setup!

Quite the colourful lineup!

Updated nose and tail shots.

Derrick then had to carry on, but his spot was soon filled by Brendon’s Mk3.

Down at the other end meanwhile, Megan’s own black (and pink) Mk3 joined in. Opposite to Mario, she added a bit of RS in the form of the OEM 19s and rear spoiler.

Good old Yellow Blaze – after all these years, I still adore how this colour pops in the sun! I keep trying to convince my mother she needs to get Dijon’s roof trim painted, but no luck yet.

Updated group shot, again, complete with a new Ketchup.

I don’t seem to see many facelifts in Race Red, though it does seem to be an uncommon colour here overall to be fair.

Bring back memories, Mario? It feels like a lifetime ago now.

With another Tangerine Scream example added to the line, the cruise was to start soon so I quickly ran around to grab a few final shots for the day.

Jonah’s black and white 3.5 again, even wearing tinted fog lights and turn signals (sequentials as well, I believe).

One more of Yolanda’s and mine together, showing off wheels that were also surprisingly clean considering what cars they were bolted to. #brakedustproblems

And last but not least, one of Gage’s showing off his spoke decal as well.

Even though – for those of us who didn’t partake in the cruise – this only lasted about an hour, it was still a ton of fun and having all of the cars together was quite a sight to see. I really hope we can coordinate a few more of these soon! Calgary really does have quite a healthy count of modified Foci (and Fiestas), spanning the full range of trim levels too. Let’s see if we can get some more of them out!


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