Collector Car Appreciation Day 2021

Most weeks we find ourselves down at Donny’s A&W to grab some food and show off the cars, but last week’s was a rather special occasion and as a result saw the lot filled to capacity in no time at all. Not only did it mark the official return of Cruising the Dub (everything prior to this had been informal, without the music or prize draws) but it was also Collector Car Appreciation Day!

Introduced in Alberta back in 2017, Collector Car Appreciation Day is marked as the second Friday in July and was originally created in 2010 to acknowledge how significant vehicles are beyond just being a mode of transportation. From their roles in art and pop culture to the history they display and the significant economic impact they bring, it’s important to note that there’s so much more to them than many may realize at first glance.

While I typically haven’t shared much from the events in prior years (save for the first in 2017) I figured it might be fun to grab a few photos for the site this time around, so as I visited and wandered around with friends I fired off the odd photo here and there of whatever caught my eye. With it also being the first official, just-as-things-used-to-be A&W gathering in quite some time, it only made the event even more enjoyable. Donny cracking jokes on the loudspeaker, a substantial 50/50 prize, a seemingly even wider range of vehicles than normal, and perfect weather; this was a good night.

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