Keith’s New Car Is…

Today’s post is a brief one, since this isn’t really a surprise (the post is even filed under the car’s category) – Keith’s new car is Selsun! Or rather, as it will now be known, Sourpuss.

Selsun handover 1

By coincidence, Mario had just recently made the call to list the RS for sale when Keith’s Fiesta was hit and ultimately written off, so everyone was soon thinking the same thing: what if Keith took over the RS as the ST’s replacement? As it turned out, he was thinking the same thing.

Selsun handover 3

The RS was a dream car for Keith, but naturally buying a used one from someone you’d never met would bring with it the assumption of some risks; even more so if it were modified. In this case Keith knew the history of the car from the date Mario picked it up in 2019 until now, and knew that all of the work carried out had been done so properly.

Selsun handover 4

For the recent handover I happened to be nearby Mario’s house not long before Keith was due to pick it up, so I popped by to visit and grab a few photos. In preparation for its new home Mario had not only fully detailed the car but filled the tank as well, so Keith was able to promptly take it and put a fair few miles on that very night.

Selsun handover 2

Keith decided to take the car generally as Mario had it, with one very noticeable exception; while he liked and understood the reasoning behind the ST spoiler he did request to have the original RS piece back on the car for the full, in-your-face styling. We still joke about it to this day, but fitting the ST spoiler to Selsun (Sourpuss) remains as the single most-hated change we’ve ever made to a car. You’d think we’d swapped an N/A 2.0 and DCT into the car based on how upset all of the other RS owners were; it was hilarious how much it triggered them all! If only they knew of some of the crazy Mk3 plans we (semi-)joke about, they’d literally have heart attacks.

Selsun handover 5

Anyway, soon the last of the paperwork had been finished so the plate went on, making it official.

Selsun handover 6

First photo of the plate on the car, making it official-er.

Selsun handover 8

In the end this change of ownership worked out rather well in that not only did Keith receive an extremely well-built example of the platform that he’s absolutely loving, but Mario was able to give the car to a good home and with it still being in the family we can continue to share some updates on it here and there.

Selsun handover 7

I know what you’re all thinking by this point though – given the RS is no longer in his name, what are Mario’s plans for its replacement? Well, this is where we’re going to be a bit more secretive than we had for the RS going to Keith in the first place. The only thing shared is that it is a brand new car (and currently the ETA hasn’t been locked down to a specific date, but it’ll be arriving some time this month) and while some guesses have come in already no one is on the right track. I think then, it’s safe to say that you won’t see it coming.

You definitely won’t hear it coming either.


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