Cars & Coffee & Canines Gallery [2/2]

Tonight’s photo set is one I’m quite excited to finally share, and that would be the second (and final) from 2021’s SPWC Sunday gatherings! Part One had gone up earlier in the year, with tonight’s Part Two being the rest of the season’s photos.

While my attendance at these for the first part of the year had been fairly steady, it did taper off during the season given the ever-increasing number of events filling the calendar; it certainly wasn’t because these weren’t enjoyable! Despite mixed results elsewhere, these get-togethers fortunately stayed fairly relaxed and mature as the year progressed, and on top of that even brought out an ever-increasing range of vehicles and builds. One week you could see nothing but tuners, show up and find exotics mixed in the next time around, and after that witness some classics and antiques trickle in too. Despite the growth though, without any stupidity coming in and the somewhat secluded location the dogs were able to continue running around to play each week, burning off some energy and providing us with some laughs as they did.

Just as we had this year, I’m sure it’ll be fairly early on in 2022 when we start heading back to the lot for some small winter beater meets ahead of the return of the summer cars and official SPWC gatherings, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now it’s time for all of us to make plans for next year and work on the cars, and for me to carry on with posting the rest of the various events’ photos as we get though the off-season. I hope you enjoy tonight’s set!


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