All Ford 2022

With the last post taking a look at what was more or less the grand total of my “Sunday School prep” this year – new brakes on the S15 – it’s only fitting that we now move into that weekend and look at the shows which took place. Yes, I said shows because once again we found ourselves with back-to-back events since the Calgary Thunderbird Club’s All Ford event took place the day prior to iMSS X.

With the rather obvious restriction in place to keep the show limited to Ford products (sometimes one or two exceptions are let in), All Ford is never the largest show on the calendar and that’s quite all right. After trying other locations over the years we have found quite a comfortable, peaceful spot to utilize each season for the event and it makes for a very chill and relaxing Saturday (usually somewhat contrasted by the insanity that is iMSS the day following) which is only further helped by the more manageable size of the field as compared to some of our shows bringing in hundreds of cars and thousands of people.

This year’s event saw a slight consolidation of categories to streamline the voting and awarding procedures, reducing the total number as compared to all years prior, but at the end of the day Mel ended up taking a well-deserved first with the Angry Jellybean (proudly showing off that Mountune heart transplant and race wheels/tires) while Mustard took second. You’ll also note that Yolanda was out with her Focus ST, as was Lou (his first time being seen on the blog?) with his Fiesta ST.

Worth noting is that with 2022’s iMSS being the finale we had been hoping/planning to have José up here again but unfortunately that didn’t pan out – in case you hadn’t noticed. If he had been able to make it here for the week, we likely would have tossed him the keys to Dijon once again so that it could be present at All Ford as well and he could “have” a car at the show for the day, but instead it sat this one out. We will get him up here again though, don’t you worry!

With all of that said, today’s photo set is just below now for those that wish to check out the few pictures I grabbed. I’m definitely shifting my priorities at a lot of events these days – putting visiting and relaxing ahead of running around for coverage, in this case especially given I had to shoot iMSS the following day – but I hope you enjoy this small set regardless.

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