Sunday School 2022 – Part 3

Part 3; not just the final iMSS coverage for this year, but the final iMSS coverage ever! I know a few people have been waiting for their cars to pop up in the photos this year, but as always we jumped around the venue a bit so seeing a neighbouring build in a prior entry wasn’t a guarantee that yours would be up next. With the last batch of photos set and some time to write this evening, let’s get into it and conclude this series, shall we?

iMSS 2022 81

Jack’s LSX-S13 was spotless as always, with the shaved and tubbed bay remaining as one of the best in town. I’ve always liked how the car is largely a subtle white/black affair but has just a few hints of red for some pop. 

iMSS 2022 82

A younger sibling sat next door, in the form of Spencer’s S14. Perhaps I’m imagining it but it seems that there has been a real increase in appreciation for the early S14 nose in recent times, after everyone was always so quick to Kouki-convert them back in the day. 

iMSS 2022 83

If I had shot this in landscape, I’d have been tempted to make it the cover photo. Haha. 

iMSS 2022 84

There was certainly no shortage of newer Subaru builds at the show, so this tidy 2-door really stood out amongst them. You can’t really go wrong with the iconic colours and whether it was restored or a very well cared for original, it presented beautifully.

iMSS 2022 85

Speaking of iconic colours, the panda scheme on an AE86 is a recipe for success but the yellow example seen here is one I can never ignore. It was a garage paintjob too as I understand, and you wouldn’t know it by looking at it!  

iMSS 2022 86

We’ve had the good fortune to see this Tommy Kaira M20b out at a number of events this year and I always wonder how many people manage to walk by it without realizing how bloody rare it is. It’s not quite up there with the 400R that called Calgary home for some time (and then went to blow up the YouTubes when it hit the USA) but it’s not all that far off. The styling may not be to everyone’s taste (looking at you, spoiler) but I adore it; another really cool/semi-obscure piece of tuning history.

iMSS 2022 87

I must say, in this day and age of Integra Type Rs constantly making headlines for ever-increasing auction prices, ones still set up and used for track duty are starting to stand out more. There was a nice mix of aero components on this one creating quite a tough appearance (with battle scars for good measure) but of course my eye was drawn to that Gen 1 wing sitting out back. Incidentally, I believe it was wearing Jackie’s old hood, from his former RHD K-turbo time attack car.

iMSS 2022 88iMSS 2022 89

Not far away, this pairing of an ITR and CTR in matching Spoon themes was impossible to ignore. I always enjoy seeing people mix and match parts to create unique looks, but these are such timeless approaches to the platforms and will never not turn heads.

iMSS 2022 90iMSS 2022 108

This AP1 (with AP2 headlights, before someone comments) was quite a looker, hence why I returned for a second photo from another angle; CR lip, some ASM fenders and flares, RE30s, and an HKS supercharger for a power bump (among other parts, obviously). Very functional but very tidy.

iMSS 2022 91

Add this to the list of platforms I wish we saw more of these days: the BB6 prelude. Apart from Dane way back in the UCCarClub era, I don’t believe I’ve really known anyone that’s used one of these as a starting point for a build. There are some rather cool parts available for the chassis and there’s no denying they stand out amongst the more common Civics and Integras.

iMSS 2022 92

Forgive me; I remember that we’ve shared this DC5 before but can’t recall how recently it was (it’s late, haha). The Mugen aero up front paired pretty well with the A-Spec components elsewhere. 

iMSS 2022 93

I was quite pleased to see Dustin’s S15 out at the event; he’s busy with dad life and Tacoma things these days so it would seem this is spending more time hibernating instead. This one will always be special to me as it was not just the first S15 I ever saw in person, but the first I rode in as well; within about two minutes of meeting Dustin at Jackie’s old shop back in early 2014 (?) he took me for a spin around the block and wasn’t shy with the throttle. Who remembers when a few of us covered this in wrapping paper for a 403 Media Christmas video?

iMSS 2022 94

Varis proving, once again, that they always seem to walk the line between aggressive and crazy just perfectly. This hatch looked quite good with their kit, sitting on some Advan GTs (okay, just how many sets of these are there in town?) and topped off with a Voltex wing.

iMSS 2022 95

Eric’s Spec S seems to always have people looking at it so unfortunately I don’t have a clear photo for him this time around. In case you’re not familiar, under that Origin Lab hood – which has had extra vents added – sits a 1JZ swap. As it has been discussed on the site before it wears a somewhat similar exterior setup (that hood being the main difference) to mine with the Aero Workz front lip and factory Aero skirts/rear spats/wing, though the middle support from said wing has been deleted as many were over the years. 

iMSS 2022 96

I managed to not clue in at the show, but this FK8 was actually wrapped! I shot it from this angle because I liked how it looked propped up on the stands, but admittedly it does a terrible job of showing the Varis aero up front. Haha

iMSS 2022 97

I did have to grab an extra photo of the plate frame though – I want.

iMSS 2022 98iMSS 2022 99

I hate to say it, but I feel I can’t keep up with so many of the FK8s around here sometimes because so many are Championship White, haha. Obviously it’s a hugely significant colour so many opt for it but there’s always multiples at any event. Cholo’s was really standing out though with its new Spoon theme and it even took one of the Honour Roll awards, I believe. I really liked how the burnt titanium accents underhood worked with the Spoon valve cover.

iMSS 2022 100

Varis and Rays were definitely among the themes at this year’s show, with so many parts across so many cars. This EVO X was a rather nice example sporting pieces from both companies, and I quite liked the subtle hints of yellow; spy the NRI harnesses, crash bar, and even the AP faceplate. 

iMSS 2022 101iMSS 2022 102

Mr. Barrel Inspector himself brought out his CTR to have on display while he went off to police the rest of the event. The new Varis hood really completed the look of the exterior and paired nicely with the otherwise Mugen-themed approach.  

iMSS 2022 103

I’m not sure who the owner of this black FK8 is but it looked quite nice on the Traklite 3.0s.

iMSS 2022 104

Eric had his S14 all cleaned up, with the hood popped to show off the RB25 swap. I’ll always remember when he pinned it outside of work one day and all we heard were glorious RB noises. This thing screams! 

iMSS 2022 105

Kyle’s amazing Z31, tucking no shortage of dish under those fenders. 

iMSS 2022 106

I won’t complain, but I’ll just chuckle at how Calvin and I so desperately worked to coordinate a shoot of our S15s together earlier this year, to get some photos before he pulled off his livery…which is still on it. It’s so over the top that you can’t help but smile. 

iMSS 2022 107

A little further down the aisle, he also had his Chaser out which to this day still sports one of the original original (did I say original?) officialTHREETWENTY decals that I always need to point out. Even as others have come and gone from that rear window, ours remains. 

iMSS 2022 109

Name another swap (and no, the chassis/engine can not be from the same manufacturer) that looks as natural as an F-series in an AE86. This entire engine and bay setup will always be stunning – note the subtle carbon fiber touch too, in the form of the headlight covers.

iMSS 2022 110

While there were other makes in the lineup, VS-One certainly had a strong Honda grouping – we saw some previously in the coverage and I noted that we’d be returning to it, which we do now with this K-swapped coupe. I had specifically stated there were more of the white Hondas coming but a couple of photos didn’t really turn out…

iMSS 2022 111

…I do have Ed’s though, which he seemed to be excited for! It’s always a pleasure to visit and catch up with him at events, and his mint ’89 CRX Si (which he bought new) always impresses. Come to think of it, we should shoot this alongside the S13 next year…

iMSS 2022 116

Also in the lineup was this tidy EG, sitting on Mugen M7s just like Punit’s Integra. I really hope that with the success of some parts – like M7s – being re-released in recent years that we see more iconic pieces from the past getting a second run. 

iMSS 2022 112iMSS 2022 113

Another person who has been patiently waiting for photos is Nick, whose 180SX was tucked in a corner and it wasn’t until I actually ran into him and asked where he was parked, that I found it. The Type X aero looked amazing, and this was actually the first time I’d ever been able to see it in person! This nutter actually owns three S13s, one of which is his daily driver. 

iMSS 2022 114

Carter’s GTI has been taking shape this last little while, with some Infamous aero being added this year (more came after iMSS) and CTS goods under the hood. 

iMSS 2022 115

And finally, to close out the coverage it only seems fitting that we have a car as long-standing as Kyle’s Celica, that has been going to events for as long as I can recall and has more or less been frozen in time while doing so. Rewinding through the years this has been a steady sight in our photos and at local gatherings, and it is the car that will finish up the final post, on the final year, of Sunday School. 

You’d think that after some time to work on these entries and process that iMSS really, truly has ended, I’d have a wordier closing sentiment prepared for right now…but admittedly I don’t. All I can really think to say is a simple but meaningful pair of words; to everyone who has read these entries and perhaps those from prior years as well, to all those that took part as participants and brought out the best that they had to offer, to all that worked behind the scenes to assist in making these happen and run as brilliantly as they did, and especially to the ill.motion crew for not just these amazing shows but for everything you have done for the Calgary car scene, forever changing it and leaving some enormous shoes to fill:

Thank you.


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