Cars and Coffee 2022 – Vol 2

Good evening all; tonight’s entry is a relatively short, but sweet, one in the form of the remainder of 2022’s Euro Cars and Coffee Photos!

A number of us adopted a new habit as the year went on so that we could stop having to debate over which event to attend on Tuesdays: Cars and Coffee or Chestermere. Instead of trying to cram in both or even simply alternating as we had in prior years, we decided it best to head to Chestermere as the default and on the themed Cars and Coffee evenings, head to them instead. I preface the article with this as you’ll surely note a relatively large portion of the photos being of Porsches this time around; this is not (entirely…) to do with my ever-growing appreciation of the brand in recent months and years, but rather because the majority of the photos were from Porsche Night, which also happened to be the finale to the 2022 season.

As it has been said before in regards to these events, we truly are spoiled in Calgary given the range of vehicles we can see out at these each and every week. With only so much time in the season and some cars being semi-regulars at Cars and Coffee, limiting our attendance to the themed evenings meant we still saw a seriously jaw-dropping range of vehicles throughout the year while being able to attend and support Chestermere’s gatherings as well. In a perfect world (or if we were a region with a longer driving season) it would be great to have more time at each, but this approach ended up working pretty well as the year went on so I don’t see why we won’t stick to it again next year. That being said, I hope you enjoy Volume 2 of our 2022 Cars and Coffee photos and yes, if you’re a Porsche fan, there’s definitely stuff here for you. My fingers are crossed for a 992 GT3RS appearance next year!

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