What is ThreeTwenty?

I know that my first (previous) post served as a short introduction to ThreeTwenty, but I felt that I should provide some more details.

Cars are very important to me. For almost my entire life I have been fascinated by them. Now I find myself fully immersed in the automotive world; I work with cars for a living and work on them for fun. Many hours are spent attending meets and shows, working on my cars and friends’, and helping to run a car club. I can also say that many of my closest friends today are people I have met through this obsession for these machines.

I also regularly browse numerous automotive blogs as I enjoy keeping up to date on the latest news. For this reason, I wanted to have my own little page where I could post my own photos of projects and events, and share automotive news which catches my fancy.  I hope it will be interesting to follow along with!

2013 is shaping up to be an interesting year for our local car scene, with numerous individuals picking up new cars to work on and the annual DRIVEN show coming up earlier than usual to kick off the season.

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