Fitting a Focus ST Bumper on a Non-ST

The process of acquiring and fitting an ST front bumper to a non-ST Focus is still the topic of many questions online, both those posted in groups and those sent straight to us. As such, I figured it was time for a quick revisit of this modification! While Mario was over recently, wrenching on the Thunderbird, I found myself cleaning and reorganizing the garage a bit and had my original SE bumper out so I grabbed a fender and used them to help quickly illustrate the procedure for those curious.

When I originally performed the swap I had published a quick post on it (Click here for the original 2014 entry), so this time around I put it on video for the YouTube channel instead. This was a very quick, almost one-take recap of the swap so it’s certainly not meant to be a step-by-step walkthrough, but covers the common questions and important details for those curious.

As a quick note, something happened with the video file and the audio got mucked up a bit. Sorry ‘boot that eh. 

Little guides/spotlights like this are continually very popular posts on the site and we get a lot of great feedback from fellow owners who find them and use them, so hopefully this one also serves to be helpful for the community! With the relative ease of sourcing – and low cost of buying – ST bumpers these days I’m sure we’ll only see the swap increase in popularity as time goes on. I didn’t go into an exact cost breakdown in the video but had mentioned I had to buy all of my parts brand new; what I spent in 2014 could pay for half of a used Mk3 today! Was it worth it though?

Yes. Yes it was.

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