Snow day.

It snowed last night. It REALLY snowed last night. Being stuck in the house all day gave me a chance to get around to some cleaning up, and make a bit more progress on a model I picked up recently; this Eclipse.

Eclipse model

I used to constantly work on model kits of varying scales. I would spend hours upon hours planning, customizing, painting, and assembling these things. As I got older and real cars started taking my time and money, these were left to sit for the most part. Last week I decided to stop in at my favourite hobby shop just for fun, and bought this. It was a complete impulse buy but I figured it’d be a fun little project. The body came prepainted which was important for a short build, as it’s always the most time-consuming part by far. I wanted something simple and easy, and this fit the bill.

Eclipse model 2

It’s a Fast & Furious kit, and though it’s an Eclipse it wears the Supra’s paint and graphics.

Model parts painted

Last weekend I prepped and painted many of the bigger parts, such as the chassis plate and engine. This weekend was more about detailing them and assembling a few.

Eclipse model mock up

One problem with the prepainted body was having to paint the engine bay. A match wasn’t possible so I decided to go with a grey engine bay, for the two-tone look. Here it is mocked up with the body.

I’m glad I was able to make some progress with this today, so maybe the snow wasn’t so bad after all. Hopefully it can start taking shape soon as more pieces get painted and assembled.


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