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The paint colour of my Focus is called Yellow Blaze, and it was a relatively rare option for 2012 Focuses. Ford confirmed that of the hundreds of thousands of cars made only 4123 were built in this colour. When the 2013 model year came around Yellow Blaze was dropped, I assume because Tangerine Scream was then available (on STs) and Ford wanted to keep yellow Mk3s exclusive.

Anyway, with that in mind I wanted to have a little something to note the relative rarity of these cars so I designed a simple little decal. I sent that off to a friend who made a sample and then dropped it off for me today. I promptly washed the car and stuck it on, and I like it!

NQ decal 1

A few more of these will be made and be available through a small online store for THREETWENTY, for other Yellow Blaze owners who would like them.


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